The Walmart .75 cent topwater fishing lure test by creme lures

Picked up a topwater Lure at walmart for .75 cents by This lure looks and has the action of the well knowing Zara Spook. Was very impressed by it and took 4 fish missed 3 off camera before I lost it 🙂 but will be picking up a few more

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Caleb Wilburn says:

lol sooo good

Fishing Channel says:

why don´t we have that kind of price lures here in Portugal 🙁

Hunter Gallien says:

great video

Wędkarski Miszmasz says:

I am very surprise! 🙂

David lapoint says:


BassGeek says:

hahaha Got your money’s worth out of that lure. Good video.

Ian Voight says:

i love these cheap lures for bad tangled areas . if it breaks off u don’t lose much. ps wow that is a bunch of trash in your river

Hunter Gallien says:

I subscribed

Grablifebythefish 1 says:

We have those around here too! I’m gonna have to pick some of those up! I subbed, sub back?

PNW Bassing says:

big name lures are honestly over rated in most situations cheap lures are just as effective great video man do more of these types of videos please! I really enjoyed this one.

Creme Lure Co. says:

Those are a Walmart exclusive and everyone seems to really like them. Great video!

Tyler Barr says:

I have that lure I sub to u and can u sub to me plz

Miguel P says:

Fishin’ don’t get much cheaper than that! Great vid!

Matt Hall says:

I love these creme lures. My favorite is the little silver popper. I have caught some big smallmouth on the little popper

Carter Cook says:

love your channel and your vids keep up the good work sorry that was my older brother on here

Bass Slayer says:

cool I’ve seen that place behind youI’m in wv if your ever going by there IKnow some good lakes and pondsFor bass

Angler Marv says:

Money well spent. Way to go. I hope you can make it back to Walmart before the secret is out. LOL

K1L2L34 says:

do you keep/eat some catches

Emerson Perkins says:

A little hint if u work I a little slower than u should get more hits

Ozark Outdoors says:

man them kentucky are so aggressivewhen it comes to top water!!!

Slayer Metallica says:

Hey man great vid I subscribed

Luke Baldwin says:

I use puppy spooks on my river to they work good on smallies

Fishing Mojados says:

You cant buy a cup of coffee for 75 cents!!!!
That’s a good deal

Bass Slayer says:

What state do you live in

Southern Fisherman says:

Just subbed great vid please sub back thanks

NTG Bart Gaming 201 says:

nice video. subbed

Matthew Mei says:

how were you fishing the lure it doesnt sink right?

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