The Five Cheapest lures from Walmart! Are they any Good?

I went to walmart and bought the cheapest lures I could find let’s see if they are any good!


Gage Parker says:

Beetle spins are just fricken awesome

James Swann says:

I have the last one its not that good

hillbilly fisherman1999 says:

I have one of them crankbaits it works really good

Jason Blewer says:

The beatle spin slays spring bass

vindiedes says:

lol this guy has no idea what he’s talking about X D this video is so funny if u think about what he’s saying X D im legit laughing at this guy

Swift Fishin says:

Dude I only use spoiler shads with a blade and it works fine

Ken Jett says:

Sorry but thumbs down for this i see no fair trial of these baits. Just because the action in the way you present doesnt meet your expectations. Doesnt mean its a bad bait to be honest action isn’t always the best determination of a good bait. Attraction is the most effective for catching fish. It must look appetizing the other is smell. It can wiggle and dive to the max but it it doesnt look or smell like food to the fish it wont swallow it.

Kimber 10MM says:

Man a bed for .96cents shits cheap

ogkyle 2003 says:

That beetle spin is really good

jake thasnake says:

But you caught 0 fish…how can you say if they are any good?

Outdoor Wired says:

The minnow is really good

LMB Archer says:

I thought most of them were gonna be soft plastics.

faiz says:

he talks too muchh

HuntHardFishHard says:

Caught my first 6 pound bass on that same frog! About 16 years ago!

Roger Kittner says:

All of these KICK ASS I’ve used them

Jonathan Rivera says:

The worms are actually good caught a good amount of bass this season with them.

Thiccito says:

What are you even talking about? That little frog is a beast on topwater and bass will blowup on it.

Roger Kittner says:

Take my advice call Creme Lures request a catalog

Noggin41 says:

the frog is supposed to be top water

ScottOne says:

What a cheese ball.

Faith Wheeler says:

Was that your little brother? Not so little any more of so

Cj Jackson says:

You can get the minnow thing in blue too….i use it all the time on a spinner and catch all kinds of bass and crappie

Lz SAUCY says:

nice lipstick

Mn Extreme Outdoors says:

Nice night crawler miss pronunciation and I love beetle spinner bet oafish lure out there

WeAre138 says:

Captain poop stain!

yur boi savage gma says:

Stupid that frog for ponds and very settle lakes

Daniel Studnik says:

caught a ton of fish on the beetle

SSniperDragon 66 says:

Is this just me because I’m new but his intro like VSause?

Glenn Howell says:

The bettle spin you showed was already rusted . Whats up with that BS ? Those creme worms don’t even look like the worms I use. That frog is like everything else you bought it’s made in CHINA. Their not worth a pile of dried up DOG CRAP. Your right they are cheap and not worth a CRAP

DarthSniper says:

creme worms and b spins catch a bunch of fish…

FishingWith Connor says:

Beetle spins are great for fishing smaller bass and panfish, have a whole box of them!

Mr.CatDude says:

Get outta here rod

Colton Blake says:

Fish with yank your crank

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