The Best Lures to Catch Flounder With

So I like to do my fair share of flounder fishing inshore down here in North Carolina. These are the baits and lures that I use to catch them.

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jesus Cortez says:

I’ve been using those bright yellow mullets for two months and honestly I have not caught anything,

tony strickland says:

which one work the best.

Orlos The Druid says:

HEY….heres a neat fact….

East Coast, All thru the Keys, and the Gulf Coast…..3 colors just seem to work, on EVERYTHING.

1. White.
2. Chartruse
3. Pink

Go figure.

Francis Ramp says:

Use those baits on a Redfish Magic (every Walmart has them). They never get hung up on oysters or the grass. You will accidentally catch trout and reds too when targeting flounder. But, really slow it down for the flounder. A little speed for reds and a little higher in the water column for trout (greater than 4 feet). Just what works for me. The most important thing is to get out there. Fish hit bait in the water better than bait in the garage.

Travis Treks says:

What would you recommend using for speckled trout and red drum? Should I use artificial or stick to live bait? I am from NC and plan on a Sept. trip down near Emerald Isle. Thanks in advance.

Cody Wells says:

hey man you live close to oak island?

TTH Fishing says:

The gulp mullet work but I never have luck with the shrimp, better just to use live shrimp then gulp in my opinion.

J&A says:

Does the shrimp jig head work best only with the gulp shrimp

Meghan R says:

What ounces are the jig heads

yakisakisumo says:

Not sure if my question posted from yesterday…  I was going to ask if you thought the Gulp approach would work from a pier…  Headed to a pier tomorrow….  Thanks!

summerdying111 says:

Wtf tie a rig bro, show us. Don’t be cheap

owen dailey says:

my dad has been dying to catch a flounder

Chuck Correll says:

I’ve lived on the coast for years off and on, and the only time I caught a flounder I think was by pure accident. I’m goin’ back to the NC coast, my second and REAL home next week, Sept 5-8, if you’ve got the time, come teach me how to get the big ones! For real, get in touch cause I wanna come back home with a cooler full of fish and a cooler full of crabs…hopefully mostly softshell crabs, but I’m not gonna be choosy, and since I’m comin’ by myself for the first time in a LONG time, some company would be nice cause I’ve forgotten a lot about saltwater fishing Lol

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