The Best Fishing Lures for Redfish & Red Drum

Fishing guide Capt. Chris Myers shows his picks for the best lures for redfish. This is specifically for Florida but these lures have been proven to work on redfish throughout the country. While there are certainly lots of other lures that catch redfish, this selection consistently works for fish of all sizes.

Included in this video are:
DOA CAL 5.5 inch jerkbait
DOA Airhead
DOA Shallow Running Baitbuster
DOA 1/4oz Shrimp
DOA CAL Shad Tail
Redfish Magic Spinnerbait
Flats fishing charters for redfish in central Florida


Mike Branch says:

Exactly what I needed to find was your channel today. Been fishing more spots recently in the TB area and finding a lot more fish in grassy flats. I’ve never fished grassy areas before. Looking at a lot of your videos.

Marea Gear says:

Nice Chris. Good insight and awesome video.

VJTrey1 says:

Hi sir, what lure can you recommend for pier fishing in texas (gulf of mexico). Fishing for flounder, trout, sheepshead, redfish and drum. Thank you!

nick dardens says:

nice video but redfish and red drum are the same fish very good vid

Spencer Sowers says:

What is the color for the doa cal shad

Lisa Faulk says:

what kinda weighted worm hook are you using here ?? also is that weighted worm hook using a screw in mechanism into the nose of the baits ?? great video by the way!!

Wesley Carl says:

what color is the DOA shad tail at the bottom thanks

toby daniels says:

I’m Texan redfish is red drum.

Ketchen Raleese says:

Did you raid my tackle box? Lol! All great picks!

YAKLYFE210 says:

Hey Chris, thanks for the video, are u saying that the doa cal shad tail for that specific color has been the best or just that lire in general? Thanks for the help

ww3869 says:

would these lures work well surf fishing when you’re trying to cover water and you’re not sight fishing?

H2FX says:

Hey Capt. Myers, do you have any topwater lures such as poppers or spooks?

tony cuenca says:

Would this exact set up work in Moses Lake???

Country boy zach says:

going fishing tomorrow at the barge canal in Yankeetown florida, we went their last week and I caught my first redfish

Karl Kortemeier says:

Nice.  What is the name of the last two?  The ones you said are your favorite?  Thanks for the great videos.  I’ve learned a ton.

TexasRigged says:

great information brotha

Fabrizio Sillas says:

nice D.O.A lures

On Day Five Fishing says:

New Subscriber!!! Thanks for sharing…

CrayDesigns says:

I thou you’re name was drew

Kitten Slapper says:

Thanks for all of your vids. I’m slowly learning your techniques. Do you have a video about blind casting techniques for reds? In another vid you said you prefer sight fishing. I’m not good at seeing them except for when they’re tailing. On a clear day what do you look for to see a non tailing fish? Wish I lived closer to hire you for a day. Thanks

Wesley Carl says:

Big thanks Been using the DOA CAl up here in NC when the weather warms Been working great Catching trout & drum

Marlon Hernandez says:

hey Chris what is the best bait to use in Galveston tx to fish a red

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