Swimbait Swimming Action

Here’s the newest swimbait coming soon to our line up. It’s the 7″ Real Gillz. It comes in a slow sinking and floating model. This video shows the swim signature of this bait. For more information about this bait subscribe and follow us on Faceboook, Twitter, and our web site @ www.gotemcoachtc.com. This swimbait is scheduled to release in late spring early summer 2014.

Special Thanks to Jesse King and Jim Southwell for video shoot site location.


Hussain Rimal says:

Can it be used for saltwater fishing?

mojo jojo says:

Ill be picking up some crappie colored versions for sure. Our lakes have lots of crappie and bluegill but everyone that throws swimbaits is using bluegill colors. I think the crappie version will do well.

basskickinredneck says:

its sick so life like great job

Billy Henderson says:

I need to buy this bait

James Brisbon says:

This looks awesome!!

Sandra Benben says:

I like how she tells it how it is this is one badass bait nothin wrong with swearing when tellin like it is. Word.

Adam Ratley says:

That’s so realistic need one

stamp pee says:

When are these gonna be available? Been waiting so long cant wait nice work guys. 

bruce zhang says:

oh my god i need it

Marc Maya says:

Your pool needs a replaster. Lol. Great lure

Jerry Xun Lew says:

I want to get one

NoCoast Fishing says:

Nice!!!! Can’t wait to get one!

donny says:


nursiah ahmad says:
Angel Moreno says:

I think you guys did an out standing job on the prototype and cant wait to get a couple of them.

Sunbassin360 says:

SICK! This bait is going to be a pre-spawn and spawn killer. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these swimbaits. Go Get’Em Coach!

The last in line says:

I would like to see how the floater will stand up to the muskies here in wisconsin.. Not alotta guys here throw swimbaits for toothies here, so presenting a bigger profile floating panfish style topwater swimbait will be an attention getter to the more conditioned fish we have here..

FishingThePNW says:

dude… SO SICK!  amazing work guys!

shui fung says:


Gooseit Tv says:

Who pays $45 for bait

Gooseit Tv says:

I mean it looks awesome but how am I supposed to know it will work

Kenneth Kim says:

물고기 뱀 같어

John Gomez says:

What kind of rod/reel setup would work best in casting and retrieving these swimbaits?

Somebody Yaj says:

Inspiration! Just got two from TW. Can’t wait to try’em. Good work guys, forget them 3:16’s

allaroundPAfishing says:

Do you guys sell em bigger, for musky?

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