Surf Fishing with the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow

Surf Fishing with the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow:
I have wanted to try this lure in the surf but have never pulled the trigger until now. I have heard good things and see other Youtubers use this lure in the California surf but I wanted to see it for myself. My first experience fishing with this lure in the surf and I am impressed so far. Not only did we catch a bunch of quality surfperch, we also caught our first Striped Bass of 2018! Leave a comment below! Links below to the gear I used to make this video:

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Lucky Craft Flash Minnow:

Fishing Gear used:

10 foot Shimano Convergence (not exactly the same rod, but similar)
Shimano Sahara 4000

Sand Crab Net:
Sand Spike:

Camera Gear:
Gopro Session:
Gopro hat clip:
Gopro chest mount:
Gopro tripod:


Frank Venegas says:

What surf beach is that?

Jackson Vang says:

I love you videos

mrtoady2 says:

They only way you could do it wrong…is to fail to open the box. heh. I also recommend the Ima Sasuke 120. Pretty much the same action/swim depth. Very slow floating vs suspending, but that doesn’t make any difference. And what sets it apart from the flash minnow is how much better it casts.(weight transfer like sp minnow). It swims a little deeper, which will cause it to dig into sand sometimes, but not often. Also use a Yozuri Mag Minnow with success from time to time. 3 1/2″ one.

Brian Cooper says:

The fish bites when he either stop or is slowing reeling in. I have seen this so many times … my personal experience also confirms it. Nice video

hollowright says:

What do you think about replacing the treble hooks with single hooks?

Jeff Schwartz says:

Hey man – I’m coming from the East Bay on Thursday and Friday to do some surf fishing. Do you have any pointers on where to go? I don’t mind some driving, so any recommendations are appreciated. You can email me at if you don’t want to comment here. Thanks a million!

Nick Teng says:

Where do u fish

Malique says:

Im new to fishing altogether and last week I’ve been to vacation on sea with just one catch. However, that can be explained by time of fishing since I was fishing at wrong times at noon or with no rising or falling tide. I was tight with time so didin’t have much time anyway to try to go in ideal fishing times but nevermind. My question is how fast do you retrieve minnows, I did it really slow (slower than in this video) but is that good or should I do it little bit faster?

Mike Silva says:

Nevermind not guad

《ŘᗴΔl》 ᗩᑌᔕ丅Ꭵᑎ says:

Awesome video

Fishing Buddy 360 says:

Great video, Adam! Can’t wait for spring to arrive here in Maine. Looking forward to catching more stripers and bluefish. 28″ is the limit up here.

Lugo Fang says:

You didn’t use any weight? Just let the lure drift?

greg armijo says:

Check out and they have how to modify the luckycraft lures

texas thunder says:

berkeley sand crabs + 2 OZ    “”cheap””

edd camacho says:

Got a question I’m fairly new to surf fishing, I have a lc but had trouble casting it out, seemed too light and wouldn’t cast far, any tips? Is low tide best when using this lure?

MrTatts64 says:

Try reducing the hook size. Also, look into some “long thin” type lures. Dont get caught up on brands. save yourself a ton of money and shop around –
Edit: Forgot to say that if you’re gonna use lures with trebles then get yourself a cheap pair of long nosed pliers. Ironically, my ones that cost me just a few bucks have so far lasted around 3 times longer than my buddies ones which cost him nearly $100 (idiot!), because he lost his first pair and has just replaced them with equally expensive ones. I bought mine from a cheap DIY store back in the 90’s, give them an odd spray with WD40 and they are still going strong enough for my fishing!!

Jasen Alapati says:

Greetings Die Hard !! You went from 30 braid to 20 mono directly to the lure .. This might be a dumb question but, what knot did you use ? Or it doesn’t matter ? Plenty thanks !!

mexican707 says:

Did you drive all the way to near santa cruz to fish ?

Levit Villanueva says:

what pound test

leo ll says:

You can also coat your LC with epoxy so they last longer and the finish is not scrapped of by sharp teeth. Get self leveling epoxy.

Jonathan Derby says:

I got a 31 inch California halibut on that same lure

Mike Silva says:

Share your spots bro it’s not that big of a deal..looks like Guadalupe to me

Norma May S says:

Where is this beach?

Time To Create Future says:

Just ordered a lucky you think it’s a good call to debarb the treble hooks? I hate barbs

Daniel U says:

What retrieve method were you using

haiyang zhu says:

Want to catch big fish?!!! Search “xblack”on Amazon,they have quite good lures.:D

jason ngo says:

Liked the video but get rid of your fashion statement;)

Fishing Channel says:

well done, lots of fish and even a striped bass

Elijah French says:

are you going to be fishing the same area this weekend, i might go out there with one of my friends

Alexx Ramirez says:

never mind….30pound braid to 20 pound mono using swivel… got it… well done man

Jess E says:

What pole u using?

Michael getrost says:

Nice video. I’ve been using LC flash 110 for a long time. Very versatile and productive. For bigger perch try using the 115 and also try during a bigger surf. Not sure what the conditions were but the video looks closer to low tide. High tide is the best, but a false high tide is not as good as an angry surf.

John Hanley says:

Change out the hooks and split rings they are garbage

Time To Create Future says:

Got my lucky flash set up my med heavy rod w 30lb braid to 20lb mono swiveled..good casting practice..but feel like it needs some weight to cast successfully..also do you use waders and what tides do you your work no attitude getting it done keep it up

Pacifica Fisherman says:

Wow. You’re putting out videos every day. Great variety of fishing techniques. Keep up the good work!

More Than Fishing says:

Nice video Adam, I’m gonna give Lucky craft a try but I’m gonna put a 40lbs leader and 40lbs braid with heavy duty swivel just to secure that $20 lure from snapping hahaha JK

yesireeable says:

You hooked up a striper and didn’t know it?

Getting Bent With Bo says:

jealous you get stripers, you are in norcal aren’t you?

Sae Kim says:

What model is that lucky craft?…I was trying to order but damn they got alot of different ones on their site.

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