Paddle Tail Swimbaits – Bass Fishing

This is how I was fishing a paddle tail swimbait on Okeechobee.
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Logan Devito says:

What are some cheap reels for throwing swim baits

Wade Woodward says:

Bought some swim baits today and I’m gonna give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the sweet vids Gene!

Old Dominion Outfitters says:

I throw a lot of z man paddlerz and kietechs. What is the benefit of the swimbaits hook?

Billy Abercrombie says:

what camera set up are you using? Enjoyed the video!

Jeff Romano Martin says:

Man your intros are the best

Gunner US says:

What lake do you fish

chance Damron says:

hell ya thats my favorite way to fish. except i use a keitech 4.8 impact fat.

Alesha Glo says:

can you give me a fishing pole pls

Sean Avery says:

Gene, if I’m fishing a muddy/stained lake using paddle tail swimbaits, would you recommend dark or lighter colored swimbaits?

Bass Addiction says:

I have a bass tournament Aug. 6-7 I might have to try a swimbait

Alesha Glo says:

1011megan lain Hephzibah ga

Albert Moreno says:

good video

Xai Lee says:

Thumb up to u bro keep them videos coming I always watch ur videos u give nice tip how to fish

Sean G says:

when I’m fishing shallow Lilly pads I put on a weightless/weedless senko and slow roll it over the pads. it’s literally unfair how crazy they go after it. lol I’ve never seen any videos about but it works wonders for me. good video

Jason Short says:

What color swimbait was you using?

Justin Lynn says:

Go Gamecocks!! But nice videos dude, looks like a lot of fun.

Christopher Kelly says:

Please Help: My daughter and I fish in a small catch and release pond in NYC. It is full of Large Mouth Bass and Bluegill. The bass are up to 9pnd. Since it is catch and release they are wicked smart and mouth the bait before swallowing. We need a soft bait combo that hides the hook. How would you approach this?

Grant Henderson says:

when in doubt find a fluke video… then proceed to shopping cart and buy bait in question. My credit card company thanks you.

Bo Richardson says:

Hey Mr. Gene, What size weight was on the hook you where using? Thanks man

liam D9 says:

do you have any videos on wacky worms

Isaac G 32 says:

I see this was in Feb, but is this a good summer tactic or no?

Mrmumbos202 says:

my paddle tail is a lure

Lee Winger says:

Great video, wonderful quality..

Kaleb Cureton says:

make a spinnerbait video

MrCgooden says:

Gene. Do you use a leader on your braided line when fishing swim baits in this same or any situation.

Matt Reynolds says:

I know you used moaner swimbait hooks but which one do you use the weighted stroker or the swimming stickr

Owen Coyne says:

How heavy of a weight is on that swim bait hook

Francis Pham says:

do you have asthma? your breath is soooo hard

Ashley Petersen says:

that reel is noisy

Bigntactical1 says:

Great vid Gene!!

Nick Kovalenko says:

What kind of Camera are you using to record such high quality? How does the microphone work in the wind?

James michalek says:

would it be easier to keep on top of the water if it was weightless? If so what size hook should I use?

Nick Edwards says:

I have learned plenty from this guy!

Eigbrett Outdoors says:

love it

Jay Chapman says:

thank you for the videos like this. it’s giving me more confidence when I go fishing. I don’t ignore as many lures in my box thanks to videos like this.

Alesha Glo says:

dis video is the best out of all its more detailed about using the bait

Andrew Mitchell says:

Gene this intro is the best

Daniel Johns says:

oh Dang fluke. you lost weight

oDiN - cYrEnE says:

Can you teach me how to rig a swim bait . Mister twister 4″ sassy shad to a 5/0 1/8 oz weight ?

May Jester says:

Are you using the Texas rig?

suck ma ass says:

gene I have a question… for some reason I can only side cast with a baitcaster. whenever I try and over hand cast it I end up bird nesting it. any suggestions????

Clinton Fisher says:

I’ll be honest most of my life I’ve been a saltwater fisherman. in saltwater live bait is king bar non. Fish don’t really go after artificial baits here beyond the occasional POA shrimp and a live gulp shrimp under a popping cork.

I was never good with artificial baits since it was just a bad place to start off with. Live/dead shrimp had always being the king.

Moved to Iowa recently and started my artificially journey. At first I could only can’t fish on ribbon tailed worms weightless. It was my trusted bait.

Started catching then on a weedless weighted hook. That became my new go too. Watched this videos this morning and decided I will give paddle tail a chance. All I had tho was root beer flavored saltwater assassins.

Went out there and caught fish all day back to back to back. I got 6 in under a hour and it felt great. Probably the best day fishing since I’ve moved from Mississippi. Don’t get me wrong it was a great day period but every year in July Speckled Trouts will spawn and you can’t avoid catching them. They are just so aggressive.

It gets to the point where it just feels like a guaranteed fish every cast and it kinda ruins the fun of it.

Still tho thank you for this video. I’ve really grown to trust artificial baits over the last 3 months 🙂

91maluguy says:

this intro is your best one!

Todd Marsolais says:

can u use a swim bait in deeper water like rivers??

Max Mayall says:

How do you keep it swimming straight without it going on its side? No matter what I do its seems that it always wants to come in on its side.

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