New Fully Motorized Fishing Lure – Beginning of the End for Live Bait?

Animated / automatic / electronic fishing lures are beginning to become a reality. These new fishing lures/technology could one day replace live bait. It’s always fun to try out new fishing technology.
The lures in the video are from Animated Lure company. Their website is If you’re interested in buying one, you can use the code “anglersescape” to get free shipping within the United States or $5 off international fishing.

I hope you enjoyed this video and as always, Best of Luck Fishing!


Interp66 says:

I’ve been reviewing one of these lures too! I haven’t caught anything yet but it’s such a great looking lure I know I will! Thank you for your review very nice!

ll YB Gaming ll says:

hi love ur vids

Kanz Kayfan says:

O that’s amazing!!

matiar kamel says:

Definitely a revolution in the fishing industry! This is real cool! Great video!

Zonic says:

Where is that lake at

1200bonzo says:

promo code DONT WORK

charlesskier says:

You always have the best fishing videos. Most YouTube fishermen are busy doing corny fights with property owners or getting tickets from cops so they can get viewers.

Octavio Fuentes says:

nice will check it out thanks my friend

Ovais Malik says:

Charge lasts for 2 hrs of fishing.

Stevie D says:

Hi Zak,
Great review. These may be useful for people who have disabilities and mobility problems. Reckon they could be onto a winner there.
Steve in Scotland.

jamani1086 says:

wow, interesting. did you catch anything?

Brock Wacha says:

There needs to be a bluegill pattern

FishingGalway says:

Hi can you tell me where l can buy this ?

Panfish says:

That is really cool! I bet I could land a HUGE Stripe Bass on one!

Foothills Crafted says:

Nice review of the motorized fishing lure. Can’t see myself ever actually using one, but it is an interesting design.

EatnLunch Fishing says:

I can see that working well for flatheads, tied under a jug or something (not legal in all states). Actually, the action on that thing is super life-like.

jonathan uva says:

anywhere any footage where you actually catch something?

Magnemmar says:

It costs $24.99 (without tax and shipping) and lasts nearly the same amount of time it takes to charge. That propeller looks kind of flimsy, I’d be very curious how many times this lure can land a fish before breaking.

Payvand Pajoohi says:

Good review. That’s a really interesting device and I’ll be ordering one today! Thanks!

Adib Masumian says:

This is an awesome lure! Going to tell my friends about it. Thanks for sharing!

entitizer 101 says:

Your awesome I love your vids

Ralph Barton says:

Great lure. If you said I missed it but what that thing cost. Got a feeling that losing one or two could hurt

Chad West says:

I have one of these lures I just replaced the orings for the weakest ones I could find 10# test with stronger line so the hooks would come off and get the lure back.

hitnmiss49 says:

Have you had any luck with these lures? I ordered one to try but it hasn’t came yet. I think they have a winner with these as long as the states don’t ban them.

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