Making Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

A guide to making simple soft plastic paddle tail fishing lure, from making the master, creating a mould to pouring and fishing.

For a more in-depth look at cooking and pouring soft plastic the second part of the my making simple worm videos covers this

Paddle Tail tools and materials

Wooden Lollipop stick
Mitre saw or ruler and fine saw
100grit sandpaper attached or laid on a flat surface
Craft Knife
Aluminium car body mesh (normally available from auto supplies)
Large grip clips
Polymer clay (Super Sculpey) (craft shops/art shops or online)
Pasta Machine or rolling pin and flat surface
Standard kitchen oven
Ceramic tile
Wet and dry sand paper starting no less than 400 grit to as fine as you have
Cotton Cloth
Piece of picture framing glass as mould base
Lego mould box
Low viscosity RTV silicone such as Polycraft GP-3481-F RTV Silicone

Pouring Lures
Flexible liquid PVC, lure lube and colours for making the lures
Microwave oven
Microwave safe Jug


GoodFishing says:

good job

malaysian dude1234 says:

Heyy! Men..That cool men..

Alex Marotta says:

I found an E-Book online to help me out with making my fishing lures. It actually really helped me out and it is only 4.99. It tells you everything you need to know to start making your own lures. It sure helped me and can help you too! Here is a link to the website where you can purchase it.

Maple Donut 15 says:


ATB Fishing says:

How do you use chemical pvc floating water

Roy Roth says:


MrBennyinoz says:

Thank you for an excellent demonstration

swampland says:

i love the action of that bait, bass would love it

Bryony Musgrave says:

this is good

Bob Z says:

Please help me reach my goal to keep you fishing with the best bait at.

Troll Sweex says:

11:40 What’s that

Ben W says:

awesome video and really well demonstrated, but by the time I spend money buying all this stuff to make the lures, and waited for them to arrive, then made them, and tested them, I could have just walked up the road to my local angling store and bought a few, or ordered them online, I see this as more of an art and satisfaction of making it yourself no matter what the cost, than being cost effective – as I said, great video but I haven’t the time, money, patience or skill to make these 🙂 no offence intended

سيد أحمد بن يوسف says:


MW Global says:

How do you make the eyes

dario sanvito says:


Alfredo Valdez says:

I love watching your videos man. Question: how do you get your lures to look glossy. Almost completely see-through

Phil Carr says:

Great video! Loved how you repurposed that pasta maker for rolling out the clay! Much more even than using a doe roller.
Just a very good, straight forward how to video!

Wingman_1966 says:

Are your moulds for sale.

Ez Érdekel says:

What did you use because I am Hungarian?
And I like to watch angling videos and how to make it !!

fahad uae says:

انا اريد نفس هذا الطعم ممكن تخبرني كيف الحصول عليه لطفا ولك جزيل الشكر



Dre Escamilla says:

Great great info my brother thanks you

Interp66 says:

Well done project!

Karen Kim says:

Could you send me some of the pattle tales

John Loyd says:

I like your channel Paul, great ideas and good quality work, I want to try and make a few pike lures, i have already made some floats which looked great after they were varnished!

Troll Sweex says:

you would describe the ingredients mer Hungarian I’m only looking for English because the better

R3PLAY-Minecraft&More says:

The first 10 minutes of the video (making the model) is completely unnecessary. Just get a soft plastic you like, make a mould for it and put the glue in the mould.

Kefalonia Fishing says:


Mohammad Abd Al-Hamid says:

Very nice job but the mold takes alot of effort
If there is another easier way

The Cichlid Room says:

Oh no! I think I’m going to have to binge watch all your videos now. You got me hooked lol.

King Masoon says:

Just a case

osqui252 says:

Hola me puede decir el nombre de la silicona para hacer el señuelo? Gracias

Dirty Bay Adventures says:

Nice action on those

marcelo braun says:

super awesome

Surge Outdoors says:

Incredible! I need to try this out.

Hey It's Franklin Hidden says:

If my moma seen you using a pasta maker like that she’d skin you alive lol

갑오징어 says:

I want to know what it’s like to have a mesh and a pink mold.

Chris W says:

Does the liquid pvc dry out if not used in a short time after you’ve opened the container?

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