Jitterbug Topwater Lure catches Largemouth Bass with it’s side to side frog action

Click this link to see my Bass Fishing video playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9EF9797872F08F35 Great topwater fishing lure. Fishing the Jitterbug immitates the action of a frog swimming on the surface of the lake. Fish strike viciously. Do not use a leader for best action. If you are where there are fish with sharp teeth use a fluorocarbon trace or leader to prevent bite offs.


Charles Norris says:

I bought a few black jitterbugs a month ago and they are total bass killers. It has always been very violent strikes on these lures. I have yet to get a Muskie to grab it. Thanks for sharing!

dharleyfan1 says:

I’ve caught more fish, in more different conditions with a Jitterbug, they ANY OTHER LURE EVER. I’ve caught bass at every time of the day and night, in the rain, in the cold, in the heat. I went to Table Rock Lake in MO. in the mid 90’s. When we got there, a guide told us that we were wasting out time going out on the boat for bass, because NO ONE was catching any. Long story short, I stood in the tip of the boat and we fished a bunch of outlets and around overhangs and trees, or even some stumps in the water. I caught 7 bass in less then 3 hours. I had to come in because the heat, humidity and water, were taking a toll on me. We started at about 4 pm, and fished until almost 7 pm. The temperature was in the high 80’s low 90’s, it was in the middle of July. When we came back in, the guide, half laughed and asked me how many we caught. When I told him 12 total, he didn’t believe me. I’m a catch and release guy, but I took pics, weighed and measured all the fish. My biggest was 6 lb. 7 oz. and the smallest was 3 lb. 2 oz.. When he asked me what I caught them on and I told him a Big Black Jitterbug, he almost fell off the dock laughing. When he realized I was serious, he couldn’t believe it. He said no one even uses those “old outdated baits” anymore. Well I still do, and will, until they stop catching fish. To fish it, I don’t watch it, I listen to it, speed on this bait is EVERYTHING. You want it to make a very distinct and sharp blooping sound as you reel it in. Bloop, Bloop, Bloop, back and forth, Once you get the speed right, just throw it around any type of cover, where a frog could be, and a bass could be waiting and BAM FISH ON.

marvelous fishing says:

are this really good ??? tryed um like 10 timea and nothing

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Yes, They are a great lure.

The Bear's Hiking Club says:

If your ever in pa id be honored to teach ya how to use em correctly no offense

eastlake93 says:

Thanks, I will try Sat or hopefully this evening -if the wife lets me.

Jeff Lucas says:

Fished these with no success. Either Im doing it wrong or these things are overrated. I had a Whopper Plopper and lost it before I could catch a fish on it so Im mad because I hear Ploppers actually work. Same cant be said for Jitterbugs for me.

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Thank You TSG. I’ll give the jointed a try.

The Survival Guide says:

You should try the jointed body Jitterbug, the action drives the Bass crazy. Nice video, thanks for sharing with us.

eastlake93 says:

I have a Jitterbug from the 1950’s. I’ve had for over 25 years, only got one hit on it. I use it to show my kids how they swim. I want to learn how to catch fish with it.

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Cast into open areas of lilly pads or reeds and work it back along the edges and through the pockets slowly. You’ll get explosive hits.

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Thanks Triston,
The big one is the largest I’ve ever seen. They put out quite a pop and splash.

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Try a shallow raider or a medium running crankbait if the Jitterbug isn’t working.

Triston Jones says:

That’s a big jitterbug

Clayton Will says:

Good topwater lure for Largemouth is the Jitterbug.

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks says:

Sounds Great Joe, They have just the right action and sound for those bass.

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