Is This The BEST Swimbait Out There? Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Let me know your thoughts on these. I have used them bass fishing and have done well. Make sure to leave a THUMBS UP for me!

Swimbait Hooks –

Heart Tails –

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Gavin Duesing says:

keitechs for sure

Taylor Yoder says:

you should compare it to the striking rage tale

Larru Yuyfffg says:

hey rob I see that.they r 10 dollars for 5 swim baits there some others I can get 5 swimbait for like 3 dollars is it worth it

KTSocial says:

try the gambler big ez’s. Mike was using them too

Jack Fishing013 says:

You should do a comparison on the Keitect swimbait

D1scoViking says:

When should you fish a swim bait?

Fishing East Texas says:

keitechs are great paddle tails but just in the “swimbait” category I would have to say my 6th sense flow glider is by far my favorite swimbait. It may be allele pricey but its 100 percent worth it and its not just a big fish bait but its also a numbers bait.


Plus give a link to your mates lures in the green bags behind you in the start of the vidlog

Steven Long says:

please do the gambler big ez vs yomototo

Evan Bennett says:

Heart tail vs Havoc Grass pig!!! Love your channel!! Those grass pigs are my favorite swimbait. Grass pig or KVD caffine shad

Lance Marshall says:

1 rods shadow @ 1:02

Keaton Smith says:

Big easy or kietech


lol yeah vmc hooks are garbage

Jobin Quiba says:


Frat Boy Fishing says:

You’ll be Bigger than 1Rod in 6 months. Trust me.

Connecticut Fishing says:

what kind of hook is that

Jeb Moore says:


guns trucks and bucks says:

Nice tail action

Vulkanz says:

Been watching u, jon, and ap. Just subscribed to you. Your intro gives me seizures.

Shane Nelson says:

compare to keitechs

seanYsean says:

used the zoom swimmin fluke with the paddle tail the other night and caught some nice 3-4lb fish

Tj138 B says:

Yum pulse

oscaroman fishing says:

That Intro is so damn cool

From the Edge 2 the Ledge says:

how do you think they would work with a underspin?

Abram Taylor says:

what sise rod do you use

Marty Connolly says:

No its not, the powerbait ripple shad is better by far
Use with weighted hook

365 outdoors says:

I really like the under water videos. Keep em up!

Juan Rodriguez says:

sell me a cured

Frank Grassi says:

Love your videos.  Thanks for all the great tips.

Alejandro Medina says:

rage swimmer vs kietech

Dominick Stavola says:

Definitely include Keitech swing impact in a comparison video against Yamamoto.

David Whitaker says:

Heart Tail vs. Gambler EZ Swimmer, Jackal Rhythm Wave, Keitech Swing Impact FAT, Strike King Caffeine Shad, or Skinny Dipper

megasif says:

I don’t think you guys know what you’re talking about. JS.

Riley Fussell says:

Strike King Rage Swimmer vs Kietech Swing Impact would be sweet!

Michael Benson says:

THUMBS UP! Keep up the good info as always.

kaide moss says:

What kind of baitcaster do you use?

Kristopher S. says:

where can I find them online

Kristopher S. says:

or where can I find it period

South Louisiana Bassin says:

Do the Yamamoto and the kvd swimming caffeine shad

Jacob Sierakowski says:

Do a comparison with the gambler big Ez

CastingAndChatching says:

When u caught fish were they flair fish or like actual decent fish

John Billings says:

lake fork lures makes a good swim bait

DB 56 says:

Keitechs are the best to me personally but I wouldnt mind trying Garys they looked good on a slow retrieve just didnt not like the falling action.

Evan Warden says:

I have that carbonlite pole I fucking love it

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