Is a $120 Lure WORTH The Money?

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Clear water juicy ponds are the ISH!

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jimjd1969 says:

I catch those all day on $0.25 chartreuse lizards, but fish on brother.

jacob snow says:

Karl has an Aziz Ansari kind of delivery

MrMadnessHero says:

Is it too late to sign up

Tommy Lusignan says:

You should try fishing with a big water pikies pikie they go for slot on ebay

DanP says:

Hey Jon, I’m interested in what kind of boat you are using. It looks perfect for me and the lakes in my area.

Flavio Ranocchia says:

I don’t understand why u american guys set the hook like yu’re catching tunas. Wtf man!! I’ts only a bass!

Soach says:

Forget that. I lose any lure over $10

Zoinks says:

This just goes to show that you don’t need the best of the best fishing gear

The MBP says:

I would get this snagged on a rock after a couple minutes I’m sure.

Joshua Willis says:

Treble hooks anddd a 120 I wouldn’t throw it in a pool… Lol definitely a mantel peice

Brian Hall says:

Video starts around 5 mins guys

Surf Rat Society says:

No lure in existence can ever be worth $120

Kongmeng Yang says:

I know I’m late but Jon. A lure that expensive deserves to be framed than to be used lol. What happens if you lose It? $120 is gone just like that lol. Just frame it for show and tell. I would.

Curtis Kinnett says:

Nice vid. You should try unscrewing the propeller on that lure i think it would look more natural. Thats a trick we use on a skipjack lure for strippers. Works great

Wee Fort says:


Larry A Boles says:

That lure is beautiful. The action looks outstanding. In the right water I think that lure will kill em. That’s for another video.

Valkar combats says:

keep fishing! NEVER STOP!

Tyson's Outdoors says:

I have a noi-z lure witch looks just like that but not the color

Lonesome Lenny says:

Last year I splurged and purchased a $12.00 lure and it got snagged and I lost it on the first cast. OUCH!

jason Olefors says:

I just wish i could be there to jon you are a good fishermen im not kidding!!

I like snakes says:

The hollows

Aj D says:

All my swimbaits are thrown on 30lb big game line lol I ain’t losing shit f that

Rex90Pawprint says:

The most I’ve ever spent on a lure is £10…

Derak Barnosky says:

Bro get big bass on trout spinners you gotta try it I was out a couple day’s ago and for 23 with in 2 hours

scott kreydich says:

What are some good spots in Illinois? I’m just south of Chicago and most of my lakes are way overfished

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