How to Skip Lures on Baitcasting Rod and Reels

Legendary bass fishing professional angler, Denny Brauer discusses how to set up your reel and the mechanics of skipping lures with baitcasting tackle.

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olebiker says:

That’s Denny’s flipping reel.  There is no need for a lot of line when very little of it ever leaves the reel.

Richard Griswold says:

I like my stuff set way looser than that but to each there own

Moua XIONG says:

that was awesome

xyney0 says:
I actually practiced 1 day and it Works pretty well but hell i cant Skip jigs:/

Shane Deel says:

very narrow reel.

Doug Scott says:

Denny Brauer is the man.

WarEagleTheBest says:

Some guys suggest have no breaks at all for skipping, just a thumb control.

mgt00656 says:

man that was a narrow sig series reel!!! Havent seen that one before!!!

moncorp1 Inc says:

I’m still mad at him for putting his name on that crappy flipping reel.

Doug Scott says:

Denny Brauer is God!

powpronto says:

And then Gman will come in and say back everything off completely.

ubb4me says:

Man, Dennys been around forever. I remember watching him in the the early 90s. Now hes old and crusty, just like me.

Fisher Laitila says:

man, really getting under those docks

B U N G I E says:

that reel is og af.

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