How to Rig Soft Plastic Fishing Baits

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when walking into a fishing aisle at a large retailer and not knowing where to start? There are literally thousands of hooks, lures of all styles, colors etc… I created this tutorial to help you have a better understanding of how to rig your soft plastic baits. I know the video is a little long but I tried my best to condense all of the information in the least amount of time possible. Watch as I walk you through the different ways to rig your soft plastics using jig heads and a variety of worm hooks. I also show you some of my favorite lures that I personally use to catch hundreds of fish every year. If you find this video to be helpful, please rate and subscribe. Also, be sure to visit:

Products in this video:
Gulp Shrimp
D.O.A Cal Shad
Little Johns by Mirrolure
Mission Fishin Jig Heads
Owner and Gamakatsu Hooks


Dino Harrison says:

Capt. Joshua, came across one that watched back in the day before I had an identity and I did not comment.  Watched it again just for the enjoyment of it.  Very informative and quite entertaining.  Actually pretty neat how things have not changed over the years with some baits.  The GOOD information stays the same.  Take care Dude!

shawn eldridge says:

When I do my trout fishing I do use nothing but the best bait there is. And yes I’m talking about Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows. I always use the chartreuse shad. It seems like the trout love this color more than anything. When I use this color when I’m using the Berkley gulp 1 inch live minnow. It’s like a Feeding Frenzy with the trout. Like seriously they go nuts over it. it’s like a drug to them I think. And I will agree with a lot of people out there and with the company for Berkley.Berkley gulp is 97% more effective than any other baits that are out there on the market today. When I do my trout fishing I only use Berkley powerbait or Berkley gulp alive. I truly do catch about 98% more trout with Berkley & Berkley gulp alive.

Jurgen Billhofer says:

Very informative, thank you for doing these vids. 🙂

Easter Stedman says:

This time I’ll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

Pennsylvania Fishermen says:

Sub to me and I will shout you out on Instagram

Peter Wakley says:

Sweet thank you!

TAT- FORM says:

We manufacture molds for baits — very high quality and very cheap in comparison with aluminum. We have 150 famous models with all their sizes and own lures. There are syringes double, triple, flavors, sequins silicone, there is a machine for the bay, there are dyes. Look, if someone is interested, write either in the videos or in the group. I would be grateful if the host does not delete this entry

Ray Mustaine says:

thanks a lot for sharing, awesome vid!!!

J Santiago says:

I’m new to fishing and just wanted to ask if you could use these on a tandem rig? Thanks for all your help

Jakelol1980 says:

05:58 Out of the camera to correct the mistake 😛

Music man That likes old and new music says:

I’m going to patonga camp ground crabbing squid fishing and flat head fishing I don’t know how to put on the soft plastics. I know everything about crabs fishing and squid fishing I know about flathead to but not how to put the plastics on properly now I do

taz2297 says:

good info, thanks man

ToonArmy2412 says:

I looked on amazon but I couldn’t find any pench weights

David Miller says:

Those Gulp shrimp are a pain to rig

Palette painting says:

Great info – thanks!!!

Lauro Gar says:

Where can you find them Rockport Rattler Jigheads?

WAO Oyanguren says:

outstanding Joshua!.Thanks for this video. I’m new to soft plastic Baits, and I’m now comfortable to use them.

Skinny Dog says:

Nice. Havent seen a standard worm hook threaded that way all the way to the bend then out though, is it not just the first 1/4 inch then out?

Danny Schwab says:

Thanks you. I’m gonna go see your new vidoe up top. I work with kids and adults fishing always nice to learn now we can’t afford the nice new brand hooks and plastics. But I get what I can and give them away to the kids and show them how to hook and work I’m still learning. I like my catfish and pan fish no alot. Bass I’m leaving I’ve fished them for years but plastics are new to me. So I’m glad I seen this can’t weight to see more and see what I have to find an buy. I’ll be selling stuff in a years sale soon that’s how I raise funds sell house stuff yard sale even do trades my stuff for fishing stuff. We do ok when I’m well to sell. But you helped me alot just sharing them hooks and how to hook to them baits can’t weight to learn more. Have a great week god bless

Joshua Gibilisco says:

Both liked and subscribed, thanks a ton for the videos. I have master anglers in different catfish species and I am now wanting to branch out a little more on what I fish for. By accident I hit a large mouth bass a few years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I am trying to learn all I can about bass fishing now and I really appreciate the time you put into your videos. Because of your videos I have been hitting more bass more often. Thanks! I am also learning to fish for crappie, perch, walleye, and musky.

jose e Ruiz says:

Thanks for the info , Amazing illustration.

Clint Grahn says:

Lmao at 8:40… this is my first video, but you must be from Houston

Johnny Que says:

Great video!! 🙂

Keith Taylor says:

can I use a jig head with a gulp swimming mullet?

Blake Datta says:

This video sucked I don’t get the worm hook

Junior Martinez says:

do they still sell the bucket of gulp?

Carl Hall says:

He didn’t rig the Gulp bait!!!

larry halfabird says:

At 8:40 somebody swangin & bangin out there

Reed DuPont says:

Great Video! Definitely helped me out!

Jeremy Hughes says:

Great tutorial Josh, I’m gonna be fishing the soft plastics for our UK bass for the first time this year and this video has given me all I need to know rigging wise…nice one.

Turator says:

guys, when handling dark coloures soft-lures, make sure you wear White upper clothes. So that we can observe how you work on the lures effectively.

JustRandom David says:

Thank you! Keep up the good work, subscribing right now

Jeremy Landry says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I’m just getting hooked on fishing and was wondering what some of the hooks were for!

southernbrit byers says:

good morning have you heard or ever used monster 3x shrimp want to try them out was looking for some info if you have any on this particular soft plastic thanks in advance.

ClutchTheGreat says:

I put jig heads on mirrolure lil John’s and they work fine you don’t need It weedless

kevin newton says:

Do how to cast

Thomas Bridges says:

Great help and a really good video to watch. Can you tell me the Mfg of the hooks you used in the demos and there sizes. It would really help so that I don’t buy hooks I don’t need. Fish-On

A True Wisconsinite says:

Great tutorial! I watched for freshwater purposes but it is the same like you stated.

Luke Atkins says:

this is the best rigging video i have ever seen before, now I know when to pull the hook out of the back of the lure with jigheads, which saves lures and time

Michael Covey says:

He sounds like Forrest Gump. Very good information though. Thanks.

JustRandom David says:

Joshua, where can I get the best hooks for cheap prices? Please answer back soon

Wayne Lemieux says:


wildernesswill fuller says:

Can u take this to the water and let us see you fish them?

Junior Martinez says:

joshua i got a question where did you get the bucket of gulp plz answer me back if you can plz.

Glamour Limo Service LCC says:

How would you use them ??

Leonard Martin says:

Awesome video thanks

Jay Chapman says:

Thanks. What about line rigging. I like a braid with a swivel and a fluorocarbon leader. What do you do

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