How to Rig Soft Plastic Baits and Lures for Fishing . Learn how to rig soft plastic baits and fishing lures for a variety of situations. From Weedless Texas rig style to lead head jigs, soft plastics can be used fo fishing in both fresh and salt water. Capt. Chris Myers shows how he rigs soft plastic DOA lures using both weighted and unweighted hooks.
Capt. Chris offers light tackle and fly fishing charters in the Mosquito Lagoon for redfish, seatrout, and drum. This is the closest saltwater flats fishing to Orlando and Disney.


Vivian Patterson says:

Thanks Cap! What type of jig would you recommend to make a 4″ minnow weedless. We fish in an area with a lot of underwater structure and lily pads. Any suggestions?

crosshair says:

thank you! i’ll try this!

Paul Wright says:

Great video Chris. Thanks for posting

John La Fontaine says:

very well done video – thanks for posting

Jiraiya says:

THANK YOU!!! Subscribed! Soooooooooooooooooooo damned refreshing to see some real and useful information detailing so many different ways to rig soft baits without all the bias hype from pros trying to push a new lure and setup…or worse having to listen to 10 minutes of their fishing stories and opinions to get one second of valid info. I’ve fished for 40 years and I learned many new things from your video…. Thanks again!

Calvin Kirby 111% says:

I have caught alot of big bass using that very tick no weight just running it in a twitch and swimming motion

Tim Booker says:

could you tell me how to rig a calamar squid,9 inch for saltwater please

maydanlex says:

Great explanation for a dyslexic guy like me. Thanks.

Fishguit says:

Do you have any tips for wading, I’ve been wading and I haven’t had any success

Mimi Le says:

Hi Cap’n,
Love your video tutorial! You make it look so easy to rig the soft plastics.. but I have a lot of trouble bending them enough to get the hook to come through at the right spot on its back… and as a result the hook ends up deeply buried in the soft plastic. Don’t know if that makes sense to you… but do you have any tips to help?
Thanks 🙂

Matthew Mackenzie says:

thanks for the info. I’ve been fishing the flats alot from my kayak. been quite successful with rat l trap and mr17. but the grass is everywhere now. been told using a weedless soft plastic is the way to go. Haven’t had much luck so I usually put it down quickly. going out today with nothing but soft plastics. I’m going to force myself to learn it

abtoog says:

Thank you! This video is extremely helpful.

Erik Hovland says:

What is the name and model of the hook with a pin and weight on the shank? Thanks! Loved the video!

Joaquin Gonzalez says:

Perfect explanation. That’s what I was looking for, thank you Cap.

vash347 says:

That was a great video, I love the explanation you gave and how perfectly you demonstrated what you were doing step by step! Thank you this is really going to help me out!

Brandon Rodriguez says:

great video

Mixin Green says:

Love the video> Im new to fishing and I moved to a home on a small shallow canal in Coral Springs florida. Im wondering what fish and in the canal and if your not sure what type of bait would you suggest?

John Bolan says:

Seriously thanks for making these videos.

C Lee says:

Thank you for your video. Very helpful!

fishingherald says:

I added it to the site. Thanks again!

fishingherald says:

We made a new site, can we use this video on it? Full credit to you of course! We will also put a direct link to your channel & website. Thanks. It would go in our video section under fishing tips.

jondadi says:

What size hook are you using a 3 or 5?

South Florida Airsoft says:

What is the best brand of hook and size for the hot head and 4inch jerk bait because I am getting a lot of strikes but no hook ups

Gimio Chin says:

Excellent tutorial and recommendation cheers chris.

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