How To Fish Spoons The Best Way: Lucky Tackle Box Tips

In this Lucky Tackle Box video, we’ll be breaking down the basics of spooning. And no, we’re not talking about your buddy who ditches your fishing trips to spoon with his girl. Feel free to call him out here…

We’re talking about using spoons to catch big bass using the Johnson Slama Spoon with a Palomar Knot.

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Stephen Andreu says:

Pro AF with that double!

Kyle W says:


Thomas Paysinger says:

our lakes are full of bait the whole lake nobody catching them

insiration APL says:

I got one stuck in the side of my face it sucked

Jakob Sime says:

“How To Get a Snag | Quick And Easy!”

Max Muzones says:

Your hilarious and you have a good taste for reels awesome vid

El_houston says:

This dude is so irrelevant

Everything T.V Central says:

Been catching tons of fish off spoons in arkansas

Ethan Boyd says:

I inherited and have dozens if spoons. Mostly vintage Daredevils in red and black, and an untold number of other sizes and types as my grandfather was a boat musky fisherman. I’ve recently bought 3 sets and several single packages of KASTMASTERS in every natural metallic and painted color, as well as some Acme’s (if that’s not the mfg. of Kastmaster). Are these still viable, any advice for shore fishing, deep rivers with shallow banks and sandbars, huge stone bridge pillers set in very very deep water? Probably 46′-65′? And I just picked up JOhnson SHutter Spoons and Shitter Sprites, as they were all the store carried. Any help from anybody would be fantastic! Winter and Spring tips would be fantastic.


Another nice tutorial. Keep em coming.

Hunter Farrell says:

looks like you snagged a few

Jace Purdy says:

lol I got an MTB ad before this

downtownlife says:

What color spoon is good for Fall season? South East USA fairly clean water, but allot of hydrilla on the floor that makes you feel like you are just cleaning a pool after many casts. Thanks in advance. I assume super shiny, but still would like some info.

TheAnayal8tr says:

Will spoons work in summer for deep bass

David Jiménez/Kio says:

Me encantas tus videos, mas demuestras que funciona la tecnica

pigslayer51 says:

spooning made simple lol

Everything T.V Central says:

Love the tips

Go Ardy V GO says:

Spooning leads to forking

Rem Lee says:

Great Video!!!

Bucks and Ducks says:

Cooper hamblin

All Species Ohio Fishing says:

Like #1000 take me fishing travis!

Fred Reese says:

Great for warm weather fishing, but what about cold weather? I’ve watched and most of your videos are during warm weather. So, show some with cold weather. Please.

Hunter Alsip says:

what would u use fishing rip rafts at a murky lake.

Wesley Robson says:

Im new to the sport but watching you fish different lures I learn alot. Thanks Travis

Thisbro707 says:

You actually want to make more time for the g…

Evan Eckstrom says:

Braden Cordero

Brennon Stamper says:

Brandon get off ur ass

Amy Pennington says:

good luck

nicholas sines says:

can I do it for reds and specks? also can use any spoon lure?

Dreadie Andy says:

Quick question: is there an effective way I can do this from the bank? The pond is large enough to make a good cast but too large to use a boat so I fish from the bank. I’ve had my spoon for a while but never used it thinking about it but I’m not sure it will work.

domenic sutter says:

What would be a good depth for this and is it ok to use if there is grass on the bottom

Brandon LaPoint says:

Could you use a spinning rod instead of a baitcaster?

Hunter Alsip says:

what would u use fishing rip rafts at a murky lake.

Mimi 904 says:

I fish with spoons in a lake behind my house. I get in my neighbors boat and hit up grass lines this lure never fails.

Thomas Paysinger says:

you know were spoon fishing came from my granddad took a spoon cut the handle off drilled hole in it an fished he said during the depression you used what you had

John Athanassion says:

Awesome! Never saw anyone catch a bass on one rod, throw another rod in the water while holding on the other rod with the fish on it and catch a second bass without even reeling in the first bass. Nice!

904 Fishing Florida says:

Had to revisit this for the Spoon I got in the January ’17 box! Love the boxes, keep it up!

MauritianHacker says:

hello it would have been nice if you could ship internationaly u would have got way a lot of subscribers dude… 🙂

Jason Daigle says:

man great tips agin and that dubble hook up was bad ass keep up the good work glad I found y’a man injoy

Jackson Kristoff says:

What do you like doing better, dropping it off the side of the boat or just long casts out to the deep?

Ethan Young says:

Can i fish a medium light rod with a fast too on 4lb line?

antonio maldonado says:

Love it! Great informative video

30 Min Fisherman says:

Tracie awesome video and Loved the double up that was cool to see you catch the folower getting them fired up

CCordF Outdoors says:

+ ajb outdoors

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