How to fish a suspending Jerk bait – Secrets Revealed with Scott Martin How to properly fish a suspending jerk bait? In this educational fishing tutorial Scott Martin explains the secrets to bass fishing with a jerkbait. What type of rod, line and color of jerk bait catches big bass, in particular the ones offered by River2Sea.


BassSmacker says:

You can still use braid. Use 10lb test line braid and use 10lb floro line about 3-5 ft of leader. I do that sometime if I cast it next to grassy area. but I found that using braid, I can’t really work the bait the way I want it. Floro works the best for me.

John Nickel says:

What gear ratio do u prefer??

Buba Loui says:

Are you kidding? 17 years old, kinda young. Do a Google search for Roland Martin and you will see why Scott is a Pro. Not to hard to learn from the King of Bass fishing, his Father that is.

Scott Martin says:

That’s a good one for sure!

ChivasUsaFan16 says:

are u tha real scott martin or someone else

tlsmoke23 says:

It is jerk bait time fa sure. But I like the L.C. Pointers


Just recently got into fishing and man by far you are my favorite to watch… I think this video is the oldest one I’ve seen yet but man I love your explanation and the way me the viewer can see the lure work and how you the ANGLER works the lure…. man good stuff and I appreciate everytime my Google searching brings me to you

Scott Martin says:

A good one…

Zun Zuk says:

George dubbayew is a bass pro?

Conqueror Kevin says:

1:00 he’s going to JERK it down to the right dept haha

robbie5826987 says:

its a lip on the bait to get it down to what ever depth of water u want

Maxime Richer says:

Michael you can use a small tieable wire with no snap and no swivel
Should suspend a bit better
You can also use braid as main line

Michael Benson says:

What about for pike fishing? I’m using 12lb mono and a 40lb fluro leader and it sinks. I really want it to suspend but dont want a toothy fish to break off my $10 lure…

Scot Pender says:

Mr. Martin. I have been fishing for years, but never tired jerk baits (but I have a few and will try them) my question please sir….to get the most action out of the bait, would a loop knot be good, so it has more movement, or just a palomar knot?

bcallisjr says:

Awesome tips. Now to put to practice.

Scott Martin says:

Your welcome!

EZziZoN says:

These baits are no jerkbaits! Or do you call these baits jerkbaits in your country? Because jerkbaits does not have a spoon under the head( at least in sweden)

Hunter Mich says:


Scott Martin says:


Scott Martin says:

In the states we call the lipped ones jerkbaits.

DirtyRed703 says:

Great explanation of how to work the jerk bait. Thanks Scott!

robbie5826987 says:


danetp says:

what about braid? i hate floro

Tonya Saliba RN says:

YES!! Thank u!

Deven Baker says:

Damn so you do alot of jerking

gnonymouse says:

lol bass love good paint jobs guys

toroortizz says:

Hey Scott, thanks for your video! Thanks for the explanation and recommendations on using jerk baits. I just got my first one and been looking for a good video. I just subscribed too.

EZziZoN says:

Ohh okay:)

In sweden we call ‘lip’ the same name as ‘spoon’ in swedish… But in sweden jerkbaits does not have a lip… Do you call the baits in this video for jerkbaits?

Leafy Greens says:

Thanks for the good info.

BassLivesMatter says:


A.R Yordsilp says:

I need one of thous, jerk bait dont get much play in louisiana, but i like that other angler’s dont use it hahaha.

Maxime Richer says:

SWEDEN !!!!!!

Wes Martin says:

Rick Clunn STX Jerkbaits are killer in March up here

Roflbot FPV says:

Why make a video if youre not going to demonstrate? Whats the point?

Scott Martin says:

Med action is what I go by…there needs to more of a standard on all the fishing rods. Very hard to get the right one without feeling it. You want a “snappy” or slightly “noodlely” tip with a little backbone.

Scott Martin says:

Floro works the best….try 8 pound test. You can try a 2 ft. long floro leader on braid. Use a double Uni Knot.

Scott Martin says:

Thank you! Please “like” the video

Evan Schraub says:

I used it yesterday in a few ponds where many other baits weren’t working I have 2 of them and I found that the reflective ones work better than the ones that are not I caught about 10 out of these ponds on all the same lure plus I only caught one out of a pond on a hollowbody frog back when they were on beds and I caught 7 within 10 casts when I tied it on

Gray Hackney says:


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