How to Fish a Blade Bait for Bass with Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli teaches you how to use one of his favorite late fall shad imitating baits, the blade bait.

Ike’s Gear used:
Lure – Silver buddy
Line – Berkley Trilene 12-15 lb 100% fluorocarobon –
Reel – Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme Casting Reel
Rod – Abu Garcia “Ike” Power Series Casting Rod 7′ medium

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Chris Pastena says:

Holy shit how many lures do you have?!

FamilyMann says:

#mike laconelli I wish I could afford the reel , they are nice .

jonnywaselectric says:

Abraham Lincoln’s hipster great grandson

Mike Hart says:

Do you have any issues with line twist… I seem to every time with those

DeadlyVirus6 Gaming says:

thanks for the fishing tips


I’ve never tried fishing a blade bait in shallow water. Very interesting you found it to be so effective.

paul phillips says:

mike I hope you answer this can I fish these bait with a spinning rod will I get same action?

Douglas deininger says:

big issue with molix I live 5 minutes from landfill lake as you call it. I can’t find a single molix bait anywhere in our area

sjeverett75 says:

i was tearing up white bass with a silver 1/2oz blade bait in 8-10ft of water a few hours ago from my dock.

Eric Bittner says:

Hey Ike, is it possible to fish a blade bait with a spinning reel? Love the videos!

ニックNick says:


BassGeek says:

Love the hooks on those things. It just opens up the door to use those things in so many new ways. Great tip man I mean F’n great!!!!

BlackOpsFishing says:

Thanks! I never fished them shallow but I’ll have to give it a try!

beangone beangone says:

Great video I just got a blade bait in the mail and look forward to giving it a try

Charlie Yingst says:

That has to be wallpaper behind you…nobody can have that many baits

Mabey Fishing Trio says:

can you burn a blade bait on the top of weeds like a lipless crankbait?

HT Heat says:

I troll them for Spanish mackerel lol

Robert Robertson says:

mike you are 100% mike all about your promos nothing for the Q&A

Frank Mayer says:

Make my own blade baits, use Do-It mold. Catch catfish, carp, stripers, peach , lg. mouth and sm. mouth. Just don’t over work this bait, keep it between the bottom and 10″ up. Wrist action only.

Jordan Thompson says:

500 dollar reel. Lol

Mark Odham says:

Everytime I try fishing a blade bait I stay hung up can’t get any confidence in the bait.

Michael Rolfes says:

I can’t seem to find the Molix blade baits in the US. Is there somewhere I can get them?

Vibrations Tackle Company says:

Great info offered here Mike… So many neat little techniques to use with blades!

Dan Delzotto says:

keep up the videos ike! love from Toronto!

Sin City Outdoors says:

When I first watched this I thought you were in Bass Pro Shop. After watching your video with 1rod1reel I realized you really are a hoarder haha. Good info and cool video.

Jake Lish says:

if he dies, where will all that tackle go…

Brian Barrey says:

Great video Ike, but you sold out to the man . . .Didn’t sound like you 10 years ago!Guess we all have to make a livin, eh!

Terry A. Brewer says:

Awesome! Come do a pro/am in nc. Wanna fish with you!

Jamie Gray says:

Really need to try and start using these baits!

J-Dubb's Outdoor Adventures says:

Can you fish this on braided line? If so do you use a leader or just tie the braid to the lure?

Chris Forvour says:

Middle of the road….. it’s 500 bucks

ManTramp says:

Not even going to lie. This is pretty good marketing. Halfway through the video Ike tells us what kind of reel he used and I immedeatly hit pause and hit up amazon. 30 minutes later and two items in my cart…….. That is an expensive fucking reel though! 550+ Im liking the Low profile MGX.

Eric S says:

in the summer we use blade baits on drop offs the large mouth love them

The B'oh says:

Hi Mike !! Huge fan from Quebec canada and im wondering if its possible to have them ship in canada for a decent price (shipping) thanks. You rock

Joe Rodriguez says:

Holy moly ur wall is filled that’s my man cave goal good vid ike

ZYTHUM13 says:

awesome vid!

Dave Engstrom says:

Mike, You are the BOMB. I wish you were in my tackle box. (I would punch some air holes)

Andrew Bloodser says:

Hey my name is Andrew BLOODSER I live in Barnesville georgia 30204 if u have any fishing things that u are not using anymore could I have it I live at 108 b street apt b

Alex Rudd Fishing says:

Awesome info Mike.

paul phillips says:

mike I hope you answer this can I fish these bait with a spinning rod will I get same action?

Ryan Marsh says:

Pretty bad ass how you take the time to explain that method in detail. Good luck at the classic can’t wait to listen to Ike live after that.

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