How to add Weight to small Spinners and light Fishing Lures (Mepps etc)

How to add Weight to Spinners eg Mepps and light Fishing Lures

In this video I talk about ways of adding extra weight to small light fishing lures such as Mepps Aglia Size 00 to 2. This allows you to cast further and to fish them lower in the water without having to slow your retreive.


Michael Autry says:

Nice video, good thinking…

JS G says:

so if this is a “00” spinner. you adding weight. then it becomes indirectly a “0” spinner?

Georgi Tuleshkov says:

omg he ads the weight to the hook – dislike

Alan P says:

I have the lead strip, now all i need are some more Mepps Aglias, great spinners! Thanks for posting.

filthymcnasty75 says:


Peter Edwards says:

Good idea, but I replace all the trebles on my spinners with single hooks. I use an olivette weight about 12 inches up from my spinner when I’m using #00 and #0 spinners for additional weight. Olivettes are streamline in shape like a teardrop for easy casting, and as long as I use a tiny swivel between my braided main line and my fluorocarbon leader, I don’t really have any problems with line twist.

Altex lan says:

I have no chance to buy small weight spinner. where you get it?

Jed Finley says:

Great idea! Never solder lead though, just use a slight dab of epoxy.

siwatha meas says:

why can’t you just use split shots?

Daniël Waal says:

Just put some round drop shot leed on your steal line before you add you spinner :^)’

Joss Cues says:

You can buy heavier mepps! 

Euro R says:


AteYourBaby13 says:

darn. wish it were not lead. its illegal in my state 🙁

Karma Tenzin says:

Thank you mate

Mohammed Alawadi says:

Very creative bro

Amazing Huh says:

Do you use the lure your holding to go fishing

david kevin Davies says:

bloody hell boys give the lad a chance and stop slaging him off ,its only a tip ,I say good on you m8 thanks for the tip

BrainWasherMembrane says:

Or you can just buy an ultralight rod . . . i’m just saying 

Mark Murphy says:

handy for snagging

Mantas Rutka says:

this is the worst thing u can do to spinner amatures!

Kevin Chamberlain says:

Good tip!  They are a pain these little mepps.  I’m gonna try this, thanks!  Another way is, leave a long tag end on mepps knot, then put a split shot on the end.  Keep it tight to the treble.

Willy Wonka says:

I haven’t had any tangle issues adding a split shot on to my line. Seems to work just fine.

Titas Zavadskis says:

How much weight did it add???

Unbalanced Redneck says:

Good idea. I have been adding small split shots to the hook shank. I like this idea better.

Bud thewiser says:

Great idea, i use small mepps for sea trout all the time but i have the same problem, there just to light, even with 12lb braid. Again great idea , thanks for the post.

Diego Garcia says:

Can I use a split shot instead?

whitetrouter says:

why not use an mepps xd there designed for slow or fast retrieves in deep water

Sara Casarin says:

where do your get the flat lead?

Dustin C Mills says:

Sometimes I will add a tungsten bullet on the line. I notice spooky fish like trout might be a little less likely to hit , but I still catch some.

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