How Much Tackle does a Pro Bass Fisherman Own? (ft. Mike Iaconelli)

Special thanks to Mike for letting me film his absolutely insane tackle arsenal! Did anyone else get jealous after watching? 😛
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Camera – Sony a5100 (stock settings)

Location: New Jersey
Date: February 18th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Being dazzled by the seemingly infinite number of baits
Time Fished: I wish we could’ve fished 😛


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Ben Burkard says:

Can you send me a real

arditothecheeto says:

Holy flying fuck I don’t even have a tackle box full

Kevin Bacon says:

Oh my god. That has to be 1 mil dollars in lures!

Hillbilly 05 says:

Anglers paradise

NTX Outdoors says:

That looks like a tackle shop like Bass Pro or Cabela’s! Sweet

AsianInvasion says:

man i just carry 2-3 colors and sizes of worms, cranks, frogs and so on

Pennfishing 333 says:

I’m soooooooo jealous

Kevin Sepulveda says:

Hey hi me and my son are just starting out I see you have a lot of Lewers and worms any chance you can spare we fish from shore seem to get hooked up a lot any help would be appreciated thanks if you can spare any

G&J Priest says:

He must win a lot of tourney money to have all that

Naama Gidron says:

I wish i had the dt6 box

Jack Renn says:

That’s my heaven

a1duzit says:

fuckin awesome man

MegaHouse215 says:

Instant jizz in pants


Wow you’re so blessed. To have meet him. I miss his show city limit fishing.

mazda333ify says:

Who cares about robbing a bank I would plan to rob his garage.

Richie Nordblum says:

U wonder how much all that costs

Trenton Savage-Curd says:

i am 12 and i started collecting a month ago i hope when i am older i will have that much gear!!!!

Liam Ferguson says:

Ummmmmm i only got one box i dream about that much tackle

Cathy Mallett says:

Is that nigga rich

jadaskiYT says:

He is a lucky man…

Flatstate Fisherman says:

i remember when i had…… never mind

User137 says:

Jesus I’m pour….I have a shitty pole from sunbirds with a 8lbs test that I’ve had for 3 years and I’ve caught so many fish on that pole, I also have the same tackle box I’ve had from 3 years ago through out all the tangles and getting caught up in trees I’ve kept just about the same bait….

Krystal Kraemer says:

ThisMan bought out a whole tackle store

Hayden Beck says:

I like to have a lot of bait but that would just overwhelm me


Mister Ike can I be your son

g731 google says:


Brendt Jansen Van Rensburg says:

Love your fishing

random vids chanel says:

im hard

Rico Chavez says:

Will you do a free giveaway?

Jacob Smith says:

500$ swim bait? Really?

Killer Kaden says:

Couple of thousands lol maybe a few hundred thousand

Aidan Yu says:

This dude will never run out of supplies for 100 years of fishing

Giancarlo Stanton says:

100 time more pb and jealous he’ll I got a boner from this vid

guy good says:

how much these will speed?

Rico Chavez says:

Can I have some of those baits just 2 boxes pls!!!

Wellyngttonleopoldino Leopoldino says:

Olá me envia o meu aqui no brasil

bill porciello says:

I’m a fishing nut too, a hoarder, I buy anything that’s for fishing. I probably have over 100 rods and reels besides tons of baits. He who dies with the most toys wins.

Andin Briwel says:

I’d like to see it divided up by what items he purchased vs what items he’s received as gifts, sponsorships, prizes, etc. Just for curiosity sake, not judging – I’d love to be in his shoes!

Tennessee Bass Busters says:

2017 people were you at

Wyatt Maniscalco says:

That room is my wet dream

Freeport Fisherman says:

Sassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam boi

General Bilak says:

Dang his fishing arsenal is more packed then my local Canadian tire………..

Freeport Fisherman says:


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