Fishing with the AS SEEN ON TV lures – Unboxings and SLAMS

We have all seen the commercials, you may even have been tempted to purchase one or two of these MIRACLE fishing lures. But are they worth it? Do they really WORK? Or are they just clever commercials aimed at HOOKING YOU more than HOOKING FISH. I pulled out my credit card and bought EVERY AS SEEN ON TV LURE I could find! Including a rare VINTAGE Kit, UNBOXED them, Reviewed them, then PUT THEM TO THE TEST! What this hillarious review and slam and be sure to whatch the outro, to see what I’m going to do with all these lures now that I am done!!

***DISCLAIMER MAY 1 2018**** It has been brought to my attention that the testing done in this video may not have been accurate due to testing counterfeit lures. The MIGHTY BITE Lure company has informed me that the lures I ordered from AMAZON.COM were not authentic. Unknowingly I purchased counterfeit Mighty Bite Lures, that are not a proper depiction of the authentic and original Mighty Bite. Of course there was no way of knowing this at the time, however I do agree that the results are tainted and present an unfavorable depiction of the Mighty Bite lures. Please take this into consideration as you watch this film.


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anthony Raspanti says:

you deserve more than 4k subs solid video keep up the good work 🙂

ondfritz2 says:

That Mighty Bite is the Build a Bear of fishing lures!

Dustin Spell says:

the mighty bite is actually a great lure I used the smaller size and caught about 15 and one of my favorite ponds I find its better on a bait casting rod and just a steady retrieve

Mark Mitchell says:

Good job! Funny vid and info too! What about the Helicopter lure and Flying lure?

Line Jensen says:

the first wheel

Wicked Bass says:

Great review and very entertaining video!, I was hooked since the beginning of your video.

Super Cracker says:

I’ve always had good luck with the banjo minnow in saltwater and the mighty bite has always been great for me n ponds

Line Jensen says:

The wheel that you are using, is it from WISH in China? and if, is it good?

SawGrassBassin says:

I have been informed that the results in this tested are tainted due to the use of counterfeit lures. The MIGHTY BITE lures I purchased from AMAZON.COM were not the authentic and original Mighty Bite Lure. Inferior components and materials were used in the lures I tested, and the results are unfavorable and not a true depiction of the real Mighty Bite Lures. Please keep this in mind when watching this video, and rest assured there will definitely be videos coming with a retest, and further impartial review of all MIGHTY BITE products. Thank you for your understanding, Capt. Mikey MAY 1, 2018

Eff Yoo says:

New sub here, thanks for a cool vid, ready for more.

Martyn Tilley says:

That twitching lure I just ordered one off eBay for £3.46! EBAY item number 263149245517

Nick Edwards says:

The original Banjo Minnow,(2 smallest sizes,and the frogs in all 3 Colors ) we tore large Mouth and Crappie up with them back in the day.

Evan Wasilewski says:

What about the “Flying Lure” anyone remember that one ?!

UFALLdown says:

Why do you cast like that, honestly hard to watch

Fishing With Lou says:

man i was thinking of that twitching lure up until you said it was $40 lol

Colton R says:

I wish he would cut his hair good vids but his hair makes me cringe

Timothy Hinton says:

Shut up and take my money

Michael Yeary says:

i only cought one fish the mb

Flat Out Bank Angling says:

To complicated!! Im a moron lmao

Mark Dillow says:

Damn dude you know it’s vintage when it comes with a VHS tape that’s hilarious

Fishing Master Awesome says:

Banjo minnow is actually great

Jake orr says:

You should try the Moto chug

manifestgtr says:

Dude, is there any better feeling as an adult than watching the mailman pull up and put a package in your mailbox when you’re expecting something awesome? It’s really the closest equivalent we have to christmas morning for kids.

Kootenay Ryan says:

Only remember seeing the banjo minnow up here in Canada ,wanted it bad but could never afford it as a kid haha

Jon Pfaff says:

You cast like an 8 year old girl it’s like you say surprise everytime with that left hand pops .

David Hughes says:

Try the soundbite lure, it was made by Strike King, they are hard to find but effective for jigs and carolina rigs. Anyone else thats used them let me know your thoughts

XxdadxX 1 says:

Me- bill what r u doing??

Bill- charging my lure.

FishKeiki says:

I think you got ripped off……. I found the twitching lure on eBay for $5.84 with free shipping…

RedneckEverything says:

i have the cactace jack set that i got at a mardens

Samsquanch96 says:

This is the best as seen on tv lures iv seen. Great video, very in depth. Love it. First video if seen of yours, definitely subscribing.

rob jones says:

Love the video, Bro !! I am a lifetime sub for you !!!

Bass 'n'Bluegill says:

Were you using a berkley lightning rod in this video?

matt aytayan says:

Honestly the only good as seen on tv lure is the banjo minnow

Scoping says:

I feel like you can catch bass in florida with a ballpoint pen and a shoe string in a puddle from last nights rain on the edge of a highway. Lol much love from s/e Wisconsin

chris higgins says:

The way you cast is so cringeworthy.

Darius Kearney says:

I’m new to ur channel if you like the twitching minnow then you should try the Moto chug it’s really great

A Rizzo says:

Twitching minnow needs better trebles change the hooks you will catch more fish.good job!

oteecheta says:

Just found this channel, greatest fishing channel ever 🙂

Sunshyne Dickerson says:

You are hilarious. Thank you 🙂

Connor Drysdale says:

how do you only have 4,000 subscribers, You deserve a lot more than that

Cole 98 says:

Dude, you should have 100k subs, not 10k!

Robert Paul Jobrey Jr says:

that banjo minnow i would put that on a swimming hook should work better. but thanks

Todd Dreher says:

Well for 1, I seen one you could have chosen the wrong color when it comes to the banjo minnow. Back home there’s only two lures I would use for I was fishing and I catch northern pike left and right banjo minnows one of them and the Smithwick Rogue. Course the banjo minnow I had a work different colors to get the right color for them to hit period same as fishing anywhere water conditions clarity time of day all that pick the right color and you should do good. I remember you said you’re going with that color that may not be in the right color. Now if you done a more extensive search on it and did other colors then I’d say okay I can see which ones did better than the others. I say you need a day doing all different colors and see which one works the best. Then with the last second to the last Uncle Buck’s or whatever his name is that you caught nothing on well as I seen it you using a crankbait when the sun’s almost all the way down. I’ve never caught fish on a crankbait when the sun’s that far down. For me I use topwater lures. So the time of day the area of your fishing in of course you need to try other areas and see. Where you using that lower you caught nothing on was different then where you were using the plug-in one the twitching one. Maybe you should have tried that one that you caught nothing on the next day where you use the other one during the daytime not in the evening when the sun is almost gone. Differences and the way you did things which to me doesn’t justify anything of what one’s better than the other. Of course I stand by the banjo minnow smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. The new ones I haven’t caught that many on. The twitching bait was earlier today so I can see why you were getting bites I also seen that kept going into the same spots back and forth back and forth you go to the left side always throw it in the same spot right side always in the same spot why didn’t you throw it out towards the middle and do casting in A Clockwork fashion. You started 12 straight out you about three or four cast nothing go to the one in the 2 into 3 all that and she get all the way back to where you started. Called fan casting. So we’re going to do demonstrations for people don’t try to look that intelligent when you’re really doing nothing that much to really test out a lure. I do agree according to their claims they should work almost no matter what but then again as we know it color matters Size Matters and the time of the day. Cuz I know I’ve use lures before decent size lures for inch 5 inch twitch baits that I’ve racked up bass on. Next day I go out there trying again couldn’t catch anything downsize to a 2-inch Rapala floater twitchbait and I was killing them but they wouldn’t hit the big ones. Then I try to spoon a small spoon different kinds and I was catching them on that but other times I wouldn’t. And as the one you didn’t catch any on I would have changed out the bill because I wouldn’t of use a deep diving crankbait in a shallow lake or Pond like that. I would have switched the whip out to a shallow and then I would have fished it the same type of day that you did the twitchbait. and I would have fan casted instead of throwing it back and forth into the same area the left side then the right side the left side then a right side always back in the same area. So won’t you do a segment on different types of days and fishing it and all depth of water changing out the bill to see which one works best if any. Banjo minnow once again try different sizes try different colors that’ll take a day to do I’ve done it I know. of course weenies companies sell you stuff they don’t always so you the best color that there is. They give you a couple good colors then they throw all these weird colors in there that normally don’t catch fish in freshwater. Now you use those yellows and stuff like that and saltwater you’ll catch him I’ve caught mackerel on some but I couldn’t catch him on the clear and Silver’s to where I catch the bass on. that’s what you need to do to really put them to the test to see which ones work the best and the same with the Mighty Mite. Different size different colors. Do a video like that or few videos I maybe do half a day of of one thing the other half of another but remember when the sun’s going down you want a topwater lure and that’s where you get your stripes because I really catch any bass at all on anything–but top water lures when his suns going down like that.

kiqnkf says:

Love the hillbilly music in the background!!!

1111stunna1111 says:

I love how every fisherman on the planet claim that every fish that got away was a big fish lmao it never fail no matter how long the person is being fishing, this guy claim he felt the weight but the rod barely move.

Scoping says:

I keep feeling the need to comment at the video goes on lol but fking huck that bait haha

DogONRedRocket says:

What song @ 25:00? Awesome tune!

Scoping says:

Ive actually grabbed a mighty bite and threw some new trebbles on it and got a few pike on it because i didnt have any swim baits with me lol but pike will literally hit anything over and over so i wouldnt praise it haha.

Cole 98 says:

Dude, you should have 100k subs, not 10k!

Line Jensen says:

I carnt hear what you are saying, the music is to lauhg

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