Fishing rigs – Bait fishing rigs for catfish, bass, trout – how to fish

These fishing rigs are essential to learning how to fish. 10 best fishing rigs. Catfishing rigs, fishing rigs for bass, fishing rigs for trout, fishing rigs for saltwater and fishing rigs for freshwater. Bait fishing rigs. Fishing rigs for catfish.

Here is where you can get impact shields in the US

Whisker Seeker santee cooper float and rattle

Here is where to by the snag free lead from Bottom Dweller Tackle

Here is Steve Douglas’ video on using the Draggin Tail Rig

Here is how to tie a hair rig

My favorite fishing knots

6 best bank fishing hacks

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Chris Oakley says:

How do I keep the hooks from snagging in a river with a fish finder rig

Coons Outdoors says:

I like your channel alot. Do you have any videos on aluminum jon boat repair?

General Jackson says:

I love the drawings.

Ailton Barros says:

which one is best for river trout?

acsinler says:

Well done ! Excellent ! Nice presentation !

saiful adli adli says:

i like your video sir…and the drawings really helps…thumbs up

Kyle B says:

this guys sounds like Eric from “Tim & Eric”

Ebony Fairley says:

The pictures were a great learning tool for this beginner! Thank youuuuu.

Mujahid Jafri says:

nice video – but it need to split in different videos, like each rig should be a chapter and should be in one video. so people like me will better understand, if you could please. thanks

JBean Fishing says:

Good video!

baconguy247 says:

this man seems informative but he is not a good teacher!!! he speaks way too fast without slowing down during drawings & demos

ashjen333 says:

Thank you.

Bryan Barnett says:

I like all the tips and information u provide

Bender says:

Love your videos…just wish you gave more details and step by step instructions.

Andres Pagan says:

well dome brother u got urself a sunscriber..good job..

Steve Jernigan says:

Ever try Carolina rigging for catfish?

Ian Rowan says:

Have you used this rig for golden or yellow perch,if so what bait did you use?

Joseph J says:

What technique do you recommend for surf fishing for beginners?

Miguel Gama says:

your am artist bro.

tod spunge says:

there’s to many rigs!!! lol

Prynce Al says:

Thanks man that was cool!!

Hicham El MOHTADI says:

This guy knows his thing

Omar Miguel Romo Casillas says:

Congratulations, very helpful tips. I being following your videos for a while and I really like this one. it’s too cool that you involve your kids on the videos. You are a great dad!!

Fabian van den Bussche says:

why not use bombardas or sbirolinos instead of the santee cooper stuff?

MFG762 says:

These are some great illustrations! I’ve fished all my life but never used anything other than a texas rig or drop shot. Thanks for the help!
+1 more subscriber!

I’ll tell my friends too!

Sulei Enejo D says:

This Guy is Good!!

Mile High Campers says:

Excellent vid, Thanks for sharing, very helpful!!

Chris Rodenkirchen says:

Thanks for all the great info!!!! Love your channel!!! I live near the Santee Cooper lakes and have started catfishing more now with my daughter.

jsaenzMusic says:

Man….you are a treasure trove of knowledge. So thankful I found your channel!

Biscuit B says:

Great Video

944kiddo says:

awesome vid!

Brian Anuvattanachai says:

I’m going to go saltwater fishing with the Carolina rig how heavy should the leader be?

Patrick Horvath says:

You have much fishing knowledge thanks for sharing and not being all Were did I catch the fish. IN the WATER type people lol

Ryan Macaire says:

this video is great for were I fish.

Kolby Grimes says:

Just discovered the channel definetly going to try a few of these rigs where i fish

Trevor Jones says:

My favorite tommy cam is when he chases the ducks like if you agree

Caleb Kean says:

This is my favorite channel

Fishing With Mason says:

this guy is awesome


Another great video, dude!

Greg Mann says:

Luke you are wealth of fishing information. Thanks so much and thanks to your sweet wife the great videographer or camera person.

Nemanja Mitrov says:

You can atach a live bait on a hair rig

Aris57457 says:

This is almost too useful

dgravatt says:

Really enjoy your videos, been trying to watch this one all weekend but after a minute of spinning it says something went wrong.

ting bing says:

Shown me what the best rigs for to many coral or rock

Joshua Arrowood says:

i am going to try that santee-cooper rig every time i move spots for now on to see what happns

watrgrl2 says:

Your videos are so well done. You are a natural at teaching /instruction. Your concise, but thorough . Your illustrations are easily understood. You are also a natural in front of a camera. I see big things coming your way. I hope you keep up the fantastic fishing videos and also, it’s lovely to watch you interact with your boys. You’re a wonderful dad.

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