Fishing Lures & Baits : How to Work a Spinner Bait

Spinner baits are a versatile tool in fishing, and they have a lead head for weight that allows them to be cast a long way. Learn about the skirt on spinner bait for purposes of attraction with help from a fish biologist and fisherman in this free video on spinner bait.

Expert: Wayne Gustaveson
Bio: Wayne Gustaveson is a fish biologist by trade and a fisherman by choice.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips


Mike D says:

add a trailer hook. You wont get short strikes

fuerst metternich says:

i see some arguments if it is weedless or not…if you want weedless, try a “snagless sally”, it is an inline spinner with a wire guard that will work anywhere…a good standby in any tackle box….
also you can in some instances slide a soft plastic lure over the hook of your spinnerbait(or trailer hook) texas rig style to make it more weedless, but the bar of the spinnerbait deflects quite a bit of underwater vegetation….and branches….

Serial says:

looks like some nice sedimentary structures in the background there

Dvorak D says:

Weedless my ass

CBCS LiveWire says:

I have a homemade spinner made by my uncle and it is the best ive ever use

Dr.Metroid says:

Rooster Tail.
Best spinner bait I have ever used.

Joshua Parson says:

shave dat bush!

rafa lopez says:

Where on the spinner do I tie the fishing line? Need Help please.

Nick O says:

they never catch fish in these how toos lol

james larabie says:

+Chad Vann ask me anything you want in a private message and ill be happy to answer

TotallyNotSirius says:

u put an little thing alone the hook a*hole

cheezoncrack1 says:

Spinnerbaits dont get stuck on weeds?

Sheepdog Outdoors says:

What time of year

Ernesto g says:

can u use a spinner in the ocean? pier?

sorry for the dumb question

FishingOfftheHook says:

Nice vid. Good tip. Anyone interested Gould check out my new fishing show on my channel!

TotallyNotSirius says:

dude! he is just a old man, be kind and there is weed less spinner baits. thank u i catch a lot of fish with that tip

Froggies505 says:

new to fishing…. must be some city slicker ‘turned country’

Ryan Conlow says:

+Chad Vann best way to learn is to go and practice first by casting then when u get the hang of it go to a lake or the ocean and fish be careful reels are made for either salt or fresh water

Phillip Murphy says:

I was about to make fun of this guy for his background music, but then I realized it was coming from another tab…

ajatkinson2004 says:

I can see them being “weedless”, but algae is a much different story. Algae will get on anything lol

fuerst metternich says:

if you use a trailer hook attached to the main hook(thru the hook eye, can be secured by sliding an aquarium rubber piece over the eye of the trailer hook)you can set the hook right away, so the bass don’t have time to drop the bait(remember to insert with the hook part up, like the main hook)…tight lines!

John M says:

i get weeds with it all the time with it too.

DwarfyHamster says:

Wait… I’m new to fishing and I thought spinner would spin a little bait (I have a spinner and it has a small flashy bait on the end) around your bait like the “fish” is getting annoyed and occupied so the bigger fish will be like “Omg free food!!! this will be a “snap” (Get it?)” But actually they just look like a small school of fish.

trapdoorboy says:

what lake where you fishing at

Diallo Morris says:

thank you trails

Janice Trabanino says:

weedless my ass.

10Fishinghowtos says:

theres a bass in my bush.

John M says:

i get weeds with it all the time with it too.

veroman007 says:

why does a fish want to eat that metal thing? do you need to find a bush to drag it over?

angela sheppard says:

awesome demo

craig little says:

bass caught 0

blake couling says:

Can you use a spinner bait of a jetty

Brown Winni says:

See my channel fishing

426 SUPER BEE says:

And if you wait to long the bass will swallow it, or will spit the hook out

B Charron says:

Does this work for trout and do you add weights?

casvin97 says:

look it up… its a weedles rig

nate linville says:

You have to high tip your pull in weeds for it to be weedless

StickerSniper says:

What spinnerbait is that

the L giver guy says:

they are very light how can i cast them further?

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