Fishing for catfish with Jello – 6 catfish bait recipes – How to catch catfish

Fishing for catfish with jello, koolaid, chicken, garlic, hotdogs and spam. 6 great catfish bait recipes. How to catch catfish with 6 fish bait recipes. For more great catfish bait ideas check out

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Bryan Duffey says:

I caught a couple channel cat with hotdogs and strawberry jello here in Texas but after the two channel cat I caught 3 gar.

Katelyn Brinkman says:

You need to make more like this one I really liked this one awesome video

Lynn Vandevander says:

Hi Luke. Have you ever used cut up smelt for anything? I get frozen smelt (fish) at our local grocery stores.

Mace S says:

I tried the hot dog, jello and garlic powder. Not one bit! Fished every day for a week. Only got cats on worms and fresh Bluegill cutbait.
Edit: I’m in Florida.

Timothy Eaton says:

I made the chicken strawberry gelatin & garlic powder recipe. The catfish loved it here in Valrico Florida.

Danilo Simonovic says:

Do you want any kind of catfish to bite chicken ?? Thanks in advance…

Jorden Graham says:

Just made a bag of the chicken jello garlic and added some vanilla can’t wait to try it out!!!

miguel sotomayor says:

good afternoon, i just wanted to thank you for the great advice on baits i just won a catfish tournament over here in el paso texas with your chicken breast jello and garlic recipie i catched a 11 lb blue and won a cool smoker grill thank you very much

Brett T says:

Do you refrigerate this or leave it set out in the sun?

Africanfastmusic says:

Thank you so much but the question is what lake do you fish at what city and state

Yvette Roberts says:

I love when you actually show us using bait you make

marisol ledesma says:

ham and koolaid

get some says:

Dam man your aswome your son is gonna be a great fisherman keep vids up

Blackjack Videos says:

Shouldn’t use microwaves buddy to thaw out meat putting yourself & others in danger from EMF

Amy McBelcherBurger says:

I was cleaning out my fridge and pantry and just happened to find cherry kool-aid and some chicken that was about to expire. Maybe it’s fate! Can’t wait to try these baits, thanks guys!

Jr Walsh says:

Hotdog 1 actually works

Keith Spencer Sr. says:

A bait I came up with years ago is with chicken the same as yours but I mix in a few other things. The items I use is minced garlic, grated cheese, fish oil, and mashed sardines. Watch out using this bait on the bank watched a many of my friends poles hit the water, lol

Toàn Vũ Minh says:

do catfishes have diabetes?

Earth Man says:

Put some spam, some cherry cool aid, and some old freezer burned fish in a blender. Make a paste and spread a generous amount on a 4×6 inch piece of white cloth. An old sheet or t-shirt works. Roll up the cloth so it is 6 inches long. Tie it on one end with string or twine. Hook it once through the tied end. That is it. Use like a jerk bait or plastic worm. You might have to rig it Georgia style with some lead. If you have some fresh fish with a head and guts, add that to the blender, too. This last part is very important. Throw it all away and don’t be so gullible next time

Ace Cat says:

Try doing them all and see if it makes super bait

Daniel Garza says:

Such a huge fan really love the videos helpful allot also Tommy is so awesome really love him in the videos trying to watch all of the videos learned allot

Denise Porter says:

Seriously, this was the best! We caught 5 cats with the strawberry/garlic in less than 2 hours. Most importantly, had a ball with my son. Luke, your channel has really helped me learn and get us successfully fishing. How is the best way to support you? T-shirt purchase, Patreon, etc.? Please advise. I’d like to put a few $$ where my mouth is and thank you for all your hard work and information.

Bernard Alexander says:

Try the chicken and jello to day and it work caught 9 big cat am in terrell,tx

Ross Best says:

Who else thinks catfish might be eating better than some of us..?

Ray Wildes says:

I made koolaid and mixed it with half a pack of hotdogs and chicken liver. I only tested the hotdogs so far. In 10 mins I caught a 18 inch channel cat on the Mississippi River. Nice! Thanks for sharing your recipes.

uBreakIt iRepairIt says:

I’ve spent the past hour or so watching Cat-fishing videos, and one thing I’ve noticed that you do that another person mentioned not to do, is bait the hook in a manner that fills up the gap in between the hook and the shank. Basically by leaving as much of the gap open on the hook, it should increase the hook up ratio when the hook self sets. I’d imagine that you have no problem catching fish, but just something you might want to try.

Max Thieme says:

Great video. The end cracks me up. “Want to toss him back?” *Swats fish off boat*
Typical kid.

Oscar Garcia says:

This is like using Steaks to catch Bologna I rather eat the chicken then the cat fish …

David says:

“I CANT PUT MY ARMS DOWN!” Christmas Story

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