Fishing for bass and catfish with lures. Swim baits and jigs for giant fish!

Fishing for bass and fishing for catfish with lures is awesome fun. You can catch monster bass and catfish with the same gear and lures. I prefer 1 oz bass jigs and 6″-8″ swim baits. Fish them tight to the bottom in the day and down low at night. Spike the jig with a bit of fish for extra attractant.

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Chukka GOH says:

You really can learn a lot from this YouTube channel that why I love it

a1duzit says:

Man that bass was huge

Jonathan Rojas says:

tommy’s the best! already knows his catfish. kudos

Sam Sullivan says:

That’s like a 8 or 9 pounder

Yeshua Sanchez says:

Only carp and catfish you said

kohan210 says:


Billyboy says:

I’m the same I add bait to lures or I have a bowl of blended anchovies I dip lures in before casting lol works well!

Gecko Kid101 says:

That bass is not 7lbs more like 10-11 lbs

Charles Wilson says:

I love this video

Luke Preece says:


Get hooked on fishing 1 says:

you’re the best youtuber

Mnr Carp1980 says:

My son and i are look a likes… Keep the rods wet… Gr Holland

Paul Wall says:

Good people have good luck. Very nice catch. Idk how I missed the bass video!!!!

19Alexander Frommell says:


Turd Doode says:

u reeled in the bass like a blegill

QB10 HD says:

My dads best catfish is 85lb

Keith Huskey says:

Calm as ever with 7 pounder

Ryan McKinney says:

Nice to see you doing something different. Nice video

MrLamas says:

i liked the video

Ryker Puckett says:

Awesome video and a great bass

Crazy Terrific says:

420th comment

MrLamas says:

does he realize how big that bass is

MrLamas says:

if that was peric he would be freaking out

XxVeNoMxX says:

catfish take lures? please explain?

Micah Sullivan says:

My biggest bass was 10 pounds

Patriot1 says:

How does a man hold a rod the net and a camera all at once still getting good video

Chanman 12 says:

That think is bigger than 7.Hate to burst your bubble

Bruce Welty says:

Kudos for using a baitcaster with the thing set up for RIGHT HANDED people.

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