We are so pumped to tell you guys more about our baits from all of us behind this project! Stay tuned for some juicy info!

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Andrew Gordon says:

Im calling it right now they are gonna make like frogs and swim jigs and swimbaits and spinnerbaits and maybe crankbaits but they are gonna be making like every kind of lure for bass fishing.

GDBASSING Outdoors says:

Sell these baits in stores. Please!!!!

Bazooka Boy Fishing says:

The GOOGAN baits work really well, I lost a giant 30 pound fish on one!

Nick says:

Good for you guys. I’ve watched lunkers, flair, John and Martin videos routinely, I’d happy to stick my money in another small company like my own.

Chris Riker says:

Looks great, and the passion is evident in every design. I’m impressed and excited to try them all. Above all the price is fair. So many of us can’t afford or justify stocking our boxes with an arsenal of soft plastics in all shades and sizes when they go for $8-10 a pack. Oh and a “senko style” bait in the lineup would go over pretty well I’d imagine.

Joyce DiMaggio says:

Can’t wait to get some! Congratulations!

Andres Martinez says:

I got my googan Baits…cant wait to use them

Tim McCorkle says:

I’m trying to get John’s Sporting Goods in Everett, WA to carry your products.

Caleb Shaw says:

Start designing swimbaits

Lionel Lariviere says:

Gots to get me a mondo worm

Paul Quinn says:

hey, I ordered some baits over a month ago and still haven’t received any info on when they will be shipped. any info would be greatly appreciated

Sapphire Knight says:


Cody Gatlin says:

Googan squad I’d like to see you do a rendition of the old school Hanks worms

Mark Ridgway says:


Robert Shell says:

Are you guys a private company?

S I says:

Ready for some Googan hardbaits.

PNW HS Bassing says:

You guys should make a 5 inch ribbon tail worm black with a chartreuse tail

B Dog says:

Good job boys, living the dream

Luis Quesada says:

ppl would buy even a stick if promoted by you, shit lures

matt9908 says:

You guys need a new manufacturing facility your stuff stays sold out. You’re losing $ I know a ton of guys wanting to try your lures.

Bracy Tebbe says:

Googan Boys, y’all have done an amazing job with your baits! Glad to see y’all young people starting your own business. The Googan Squad is setting an example for us of getting out there, doing something, and doing it well. Keep up the good work!

Andy Chase says:

I’ll be ordering mine soon.

VirginiaSheepDog says:

Caught my PB on the Bandito Bug!

Luke Baldwin says:

Finally something that a YouTuber sells that is useful

bobfishnut says:

Very impressive! Great work guys! Wish you all the best…

Logrider34 OG says:

I like the drag n drop

Brandon Moles says:

Yeah I have to say I love the Googin squad Flair by far is my favorite, And I will be purchasing a lot of Merch here shortly when I get my funds up lol I plan on spending a lot of money with these guys for the pure fact I truly believe in them. I think it’s hilarious how they’re getting all this hate from traditional fishing channels and the Ol’boy system. However I hated watching fishing channels because they sucked horribly sucked. Now every time I watch a Flair fishing video it gets me amped up and I want to go fish every second I get a chance.

Lazaro Reyna says:

Bandits bug

Bassin Danny says:

Fuuuuuck yeah

Jeff Sherman says:

Just ordered a pack of Green Pumpkin Pearl Slim Shake Worms and a pack of Sunset Bug Dran n Drop

45 Fishing says:

0:18 Peric where is your Crankbait

Tracy Cardwell says:

All you did was copy pre existing baits that are already on the market by tweaking the design and changing the names. All I see are copies of Speed craw/ chigger craw,brushhog,10 inch power worm or ole monsters and robob worms cant even keep up with production. Zoom,roboworm,D&M baits, reaction innovations ,Yamamoto, jackall . Why spend a penny on these bait when all these I’ve listed are proven year after year. You didn’t reinvent the wheel!!! Just copied pre existing baits big deal!!!! More like Goober baits!!!!!

superstar 1700 says:

Its awesome watching you guys live your dreams! And I’ve seen a lot of things about people hating on you guys. That means you are doing something right and it truly is a privilege

chris lepage's fishing adventurs says:

Love theses great baits

Rich Gebhardt says:

If they make some even smaller sizes that would be awesome for the waters that I fish!

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