Easiest Way to Catch Channel Cats

Between the Garmin Side Vu and Team Catfish Sudden Impact fiber bait, catching channel cats is a breeze


Jesse Quintero says:

Does this work for saltwater

Seth Williams says:

That’s a nice rig. I am shocked that it doesn’t give back massages in between casts.

Fly fishing Freak says:

That stuff stinks and gets everywhere and it makes your boat dirty then you have to clean up everything I’d rather use worms work better and less mess

LaVonda Wintons says:

I’ve used sudden impact for three days now and haven’t got a bite I fished river dam and big lake. Can you tell me what’s the deal

Extreme Monster Fish says:

Hey I like your Videos – Sub for Sub, I’m subscribing to your channel now !

Seth Mahnken says:

what is the model number of the ugly sticks you are using ?

B List says:

What happened to using regular ole worms

William Harris says:

easy with that 2000 doller fish finder yeah

Herminio Bonilla says:

nice vid. what model boat?

stitch16261 says:

Can you get the sudden impact in Walmart?

Irenio Salazar says:

that’s a nice boat you got there!

Diego elicerio says:

awesome I love the sudden impact it works really well

Steve Hall says:

So bought some from bass pro last week, finally used it today for about an hour off the bank with no luck. Temp was about 72 not sure on water temp, so far no impressed but gonna use it next weekend down on Truman in my boat where I definitely know where the fish are. Live the videos keep it up

andrew v says:

I’m going to stop buying this stuff with all that technology anyone can catch fish.lets see him fish a lake from a bank and see if he even catches 3

sweetsiebug says:

Congrats to Jeff he’s a great fisherman and teacher

Henry Enamorado says:

what type of boat is that

J. Chaffin says:

I would cut off my little toe on live youtube for that boat.

Seth Mahnken says:

what is the model number of the ugly sticks you are using ?

KDOG & Uncle Daddies Misadventures says:

We use this & get flat TORE UP in the river! I’m talking about “catch your pole” tore up!! We make our own YT vids about it. Stuff never fails!! Best bet is always use around or upstream of any structure in the water.


good stuff

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