Crankbait Fishing: What You Need To Know

Equipment links…
-Cousin’s Tackle Rod:
-Shimano Reel:
-Seaguar Line:

Product Links…
-IMA Pinjack 200:
-Rapala DT6:
-Norman Middle N:
-Storm Wiggle Wart:
-Fat John 60:
-KVD 1.5 crank:
-Split ring pliers:
-Gamakatsu hooks:

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Thanks for watching today episode folks. Not the hottest joint on the block but there is still some good knowledge mentioned in this short vid. Apply these tips on your local lakes and rivers. I can almost guarantee you will find success. Just a little heads up to all you special folk out there reading this I will be ice fishing 3 days straight this weekend WHICH MEANS…I should have a few more ice videos up. If not, it means I lost all my ice fishing mojo and I’m selling all my gear. Thanks for watching and as always keep fishing, never stop.
–Young Plug


Eric Sharber says:

I have the same kvd 1.5 but it is about a third of that size

Brandon's Games says:

All you need to know is chartreuse is for weirdish-blue water

jeremy basiorka says:

Andrew flair is lyfe

E- Gay

Luke says:

people buy a rod just for for a lure why does it matter that much

Bagwell Fishing says:


Jakelol1980 says:

Cant stand how americans pronounce Rapala, did they ever watch a video from Rapala?

joey barras says:

Hey man thanks I fish a lot were I live get the I appreciate the information I just subscribed to your channel so my name is Joey by the way I live in Savannah Georgia and I’m a graduate of the 2017-2018 school year so yeah I’m graduating this year free she ate it man thanks for that crankbait information

Fishing with me says:

Just subbed

Will Wetherington says:

What kind of split ring pliers are those and where did you get them?

Crabb man says:

could you put a lure like a rattlin rapala or other lipless crankbaits in your bass tackle?

Thomas Maresh says:

If the Strike King KD 1.5 will ALWAYS catch fish, why have anything else?

laku86 says:

can i use the crankbait for saltwater fishing?

RocketsHockey46 says:

Are crankbaits supposed to float? Dumb question

Casey Read says:

All these people in the comments complaining about lure prices. Clearly none of you live near the ocean.

Kimber Rain says:

What jacket is that

Chronos Gaming says:

My rod is 7-5-1 gear ratio. I feel like it’s too fast for everything. Does it matter or can I just reel in slow?


I am from far away Sri Lanka , was shopping at Cabelas Louisville Kentucky , did I pass you on an isle , this was close to thanksgiving, what an opportunity missed if it was you ,,, best regards, JW

Jaxon Sparkman says:

Nuteflcatoin ar3 0N (notification are on)

scott b says:

If it were my video I might have pornhub on the screen. Id be half way through my video and glance over and be like oops and close it.

WildBillHabiki says:

HOW do you know what size treble to use for the different cranks? It’s nowhere on the packaging. I appreciate any help with this.

Eric Schroeder says:

Does anyone know any videos that are more basic? I want to start fishing and I want to start off with the correct equipment and know-how.

patty daniels says:

Thanks so much for tour time John I really learn a lot from you keep fishing NEVER STOP!!!!

Faisal Jan says:

Thanks for the info.Personally, I believe it’s more of marketing video.

Dc Fishin says:

andrew flair is lyfe

Pita Tidmarsh says:

John I scarily see you use crank baits

TopWater King says:

I miss these types of videos

Itso Ez says:

Fishing is just one jerk waiting for another jerk buhaaa

Patrick Sommer says:

As far as the hooks go, I personally don’t see the need to change them out unless you notice a certain brand that are just crappy. I used a strike king red eye shad with factory hooks, I hooked a 24.5 pound carp on the tail and it peeled drag out (with a pretty tight drag) and once I got him in and landed him I checked the hooks out and the one hook that hooked the tail was bent a little bit. Considering how big the fish was and how hard he fought, I would consider that adequate

coliniscolin says:


Aaron Daniel says:

Andrew Flair is lyfe

Heather says:

I just want to thank you for being so well spoken, makes your videos very watchable.

Ken Quesenberry says:

I’ve got the DT6 Rap, I’ve caught a few fish on it, but most my success comes the ShadRaps.

Louis Macdonald says:

Would you guys say I should use a rattling kvd 1.5 or a silent?

RooSalad says:

“oh wanna get into fishing? better have 1.5 thousand dollars!”

Alexis Carrero says:

Good advice

Eric Sharber says:

And if it ain’t that then it’s a way smaller version

Kevin Harrington says:

“only like…10 bucks” WHAT??? only? ahh, wish I made enough to say oh I only paid 10 bucks for 1

PsykE _Fishing says:

Try 8.3.1 gear ratio lol you’ll never get slack on the catch

James Dollaghan says:

What if u have light line like 6 lb triline?

Tara Mourino says:

I need a fish to bite my crankbait before I need to worry about hooks…

Gabriel Sainz says:

What knot do you recommend for crank baits?

Ahmad jj says:

when would u use a red crank bait like that? more merky waters low clarity?

The Great Outdoors says:

Like Shimano much there bud

Izaac Banks says:

is 5.5:1 ratio good

Russell Saenz says:

He said less heavy smh lighter

robert osmanhodzic says:

you are fucking idiot learn more

Josh Allgeier says:

Hey another YouTuber mentions you in his video wanted to do some. They going to the Bass Pro Shops and they take a guy that knows nothing about fishing and he gets to spend $30 to catch fish on all three lures. The girl with the Bass Pro Shops mentions you.

Wells Moore says:

i love seager

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