Casting Light Lures on a Baitcaster (How To)

Are you having trouble casting a fluke on a baitcaster. This technique might work for you. It does for me.


Day Man says:

Good video man thanks

Joseph Bellefeuille says:

can u do a tackle box video?

Alex Sim says:

May I know what model and brand of that whit rod?
If possible also the spec.

Jake Seymour says:

It sucks because my favorite bait of all time I can’t use on my baitcaster. I could cast with it but not that far.

Hello says:

All you need is a light shallow spool (ceramic bearings would help as well) with light line (10lb n under). Don’t expect to cast 1/8 lures with a crappy reel from Walmart but if you have something like the Aldebaran/Pixy/Zonda its not difficult at all.

Faith M. says:

i have a shakespeare agility baitcaster. i cant chuck a 7in yum ribbontail worm t-rigged without getting backlash. is it the reel or im missing something? thanks in advance.

Glen Potvin says:

very good technique.

fr3aky0u says:

so i just tried casting worm/sinker/bobber on a baitcaster and i have no idea what to do. i hardly fish this way so i’m gonna just put it on a spincast. but if i should be able to i would love to know what i’m doing wrong.

Madcow 30 says:

thank you for this vid. I have been wondering how you guys get to cast so far when using something that light.

I tried it last time but my bait couldnt get to far but it turns out its not about the whipping action.

i will definitely try this soon to see if i can get the hang of it

Tyler Schmidt says:

for a starter pole would a abu garcia veritas 2.0 be good?

MR-FLIP says:

been trying to use my diawa lexa 300 and diawa dx swimbait rod for spinner baits and jigs and o he’ll what a mess. usly I’ll have my small bass set up with me but there is times I’m just striped bass fishing and come across a nice smally or large mouth.. do you think my set up is to big which could be causing back last ect

gonegetmind17ify says:

I saw this video a long time ago and I have tried this and it didn’t work but I keep up the work and it really works why does a two handed cast works better and thanks a lot I watch your videos all the time

Murph Fee says:

Awesome Fluke.
Thankx man

RED MAN 503 503 says:

mine says max and minumum which is drag off??please help.. i finnally bought my self abu garcia my first baitcaster.

Chase Matthes says:

get a heavier bait or do what fluke master said it should work

Team HookZ J says:

How many pound test are using?

FishinWithMitch says:

I usually fish weightless worms and flukes on a shimano spinning reel. This past weekend after watching this video I decided to try and cast a weightless trick worm on my baitcaster! I could only cast that weightless worm maybe 10 feet lol. I got alot of practice to do. Great video Gene!

TheShadowWolfz says:

Thanks for the advice! Gonna try this on the Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog

gonegetmind17ify says:

why is it easier to cast light lures on a spinning reel

Richard Bowles says:

Thank you, that was the most useful video on casting light baits I have seen. using this information I will actually try it.

Jake Seymour says:

The berkly fire tail 6 inch worm

viker77 says:

awesome, I’m gonna try it this morning.
but how can you have more error than trial??  doesn’t each error require it’s own trial?
haha, just bustin balls.

Junior Y says:

Hi Gene what baitcaster would you recommend for someone on a budget?  oh I just want to say I like your videos they have been very helpful. keep up the good work.

Cass Ripley says:

I just started with my bait caster I got I always bird nest my reel

Mike Orth says:

Thank you so very much I do think that I just learned some!

Galvin Stanley says:

Just buy a crappie bait casting rod and reel.If you buy the rod make sure it’s a super light rod,and when you buy the reel buy the $44.99 dollar reel from Bass it’s the best reel for light baitcasting fishing. it can use 2lb to 10 lb line, perfect for small lures and jigs.

Matt Hogan says:

this actually helped me out alot while trying to use a weightless trickworm. I’ve also noticed sometimes the line can be the cause of the backlash.

Josh Orth says:

Would this work if I have 30 lb braid?

Jake Nelson says:

What kind of rods and reels do you typically use? Id like to be under $150 for both.
Great vids!

larry waugh says:

you do great job explaining how to adjust each little detail i like that i watch all your video

B LeMans says:

Do you think line weight has something to do with backlashing more? I was throwing very light lures on 6lb mono w no issue, and just recently switched to 12lb mono, and I’m backlashing more often with similar settings.. I can still manage most of the time, but ill backlash if im not super focused every cast

Chinoo' Ayala says:

how can you cast light lures far in heavy wind?

Alex Lipe says:

is a jig head with no tail heavy enough for a bait caster? I’m thinking yes but can you confirm my question anybody

Kale Dore says:

I’m 15 and just switched from spinner to baitcaster and want to know should i use a rod whith a trigger grip

roger davis says:

nice, gonna try this tmrw!

Ty Montgomery says:

By far the best vids for bass fishing on YouTube keep it up … If you would like some cool vid designs hit me up

Lucas W. says:


I would like to thank you for making a video to teach people how to use the equipment. However, I have noticed that in every single video about this subject, you americans use small baitcaster reels. I am from Norway and in Norway we use mostly spinning reels when fishing for fish under 10lbs. However, when we fish salmon in the river which can be 30 + lbs, we use Abu Garcia baitcaster reels which are much bigger than the ones you in America use. What happens is that these Abu Garcia reels makes your video false. Because I do as you say, but it is impossible to cast a lure and avoid backclash unless the lure weighs 1 ounce or more.

I don’t know if the reels we use are crap or if the line is to thick or whatever. I’ve spent 500$ on the rod and 400 $ on the reel and 70$ on the line and I can’t cast lure which is under 1 ounce.

Any idea?

Murph Fee says:

Is 17 lb test Spider 2 heavy For Lrg Mouth Bass On a abu garcia Black Max 3?

Marty Epperly says:

I’ve upgraded my equipment somewhat. Now I’m going to go out to see if it helps. My spool seems to spin faster than my tackle can take out line. We’ll see what happens.

Fred 1975 says:

Not sure I’ve ever watched one of your vids and not picked up some rid bit…….great stuff keep em coming!!

Blake Dennis says:

reel would you recommend for this kind of outfit ?

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