Cast Light Lures with a BAITCASTER! (Tips & Casting Demonstration 2018)

The stick bait and fluke are two of the most productive soft plastics on the market. Fishing said lures weightless is common, however, casting them is another issue. Some anglers prefer to use spinning tackle and there is NOTHING wrong with that. However, I prefer to use a baitcaster whenever possible. I like the power, accuracy, and comfortability that baitcasters offer.

Join me as I walk you through picking the appropriate reel, line, hook, lure, and rod to make casting weightless lures easier. We’ll also head outside for some field testing and casting techniques!

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Nasty Nate says:

Another good one Deebo!!!

Chris McVey says:

WOW! Fantastic instructional. This could be one of your best videos. I’m really going to try all of these modifications. The light spool with smaller diameter line with slack in the line with a heavier wire hook seems like common sense yet I really didn’t even think too much about it. The “tennis racket” and “dart throwing”technique are excellent memory cues to keep in mind that I’m definitely going to try. Thank you for sharing this info and for making such an intricate procedure a little more simplistic.

Cato Hostilius says:

Super good video Debo! Your videos get better and better this series is awesome. I like how the little tips pop up in the corner. I’m definitely going to keep these tricks in mind when tossing lighter stuff. I’d like to shoot you an idea for the series as well. Could you possibly do a reel maintenance video? I think it would help out alot of the guys and gals just getting into baitcasters and spinning reels and it’s also nice to see how other people do it. Also, I’ve had some issues with my reel recently it feels really sluggish and takes a bit more force to turn the handle. I always rinse off and re lube my reels since I’m a saltwater guy. You think I gotta just completely degrease and re lube the whole thing? Thanks again Debo and keep the videos coming!

Gene Villarreal says:

Great tips. I want to get my first baitcaster and was wondering if it matters what side the spinning handle should be on? . Like when I guide the line with my thumb. I’m right handed

Bassmaster Ice says:

I don’t use spinning gear at all. Like yourself, I use a baitcaster for everyting including casting a weightless senko.

Fishing In Columbus says:

Great lesson Debo!

CJ Duran Outdoors says:

Thanks I’ve been trying to figure this out haha we still have ice here in Colorado but I got my first baitcaster over Christmas and have been testing it out in the yard

Rob P says:

Thanks man you really just cleared up some stuff for me with casting. I just put 30lb Braid on my Baitcaster and I plan to use it primarily it for Hollow Body Frogs in Heavy Cover and other heavier baits. I need to upgrade the rod though Again I started with a Zebco Rod that is a Medium Light Spincast reel to a Med/Heavy Fast 6’3 $15 jawbone rod.

Mark Capel says:

Great work sir… very thorough. Getting a stealth after seeing this video….already have a royale legend, speed ds and spartacus max… yes am a crazy kastking fan…

The Happy Hour Hound says:

That Flouro line he featured here was some of the worst ive ever used. I just tossed it. The Kast King braid was decent but the flouro 8lb was trash. Definitely no more than 4lb actual strength and size.

Cody Steinbach says:

haha i was just subscriber 2k

Felix Sombas says:

Could you use a baitcaster for trout sized lures or are they too light?

Dylan Pyle says:

Wow when I first started on the baitcaster, I’ve always used just a senko and never had problems casting

Rick Harker says:

Lots of good description with an interesting way of presentation. By contrast I was at my son’s graduation a couple of nights ago and some of the teachers speeches were so boring I’m surprised they learnt anything. I could easily see you being a great teacher. I’m glad I found your channel. Thanks again. Now to see if I can get some “feel” into my casting. Then I’ll try to fish.

RWA Fishing says:

Another good video! I love fishing senkos, soft swimbaits, and other stick-type baits weightless, I use braid, but this will be my first season adding fluorocarbons and copolymers. Making practice cast, I see they definitely have different characteristics (line memory and all). I also find I have to use more spool tension on my Stealth, maybe due to the light spool. Have you done a video on lowering line memory in fluorocarbons and copolymers, such as with line conditioners and prestretching?

HuckRock 13 says:

I have numerous baitcasters, all the way from the starter ones to a professional type one. My most temperamental one is my Daiwa Tatula. Have you ever used this reel? I have had to respool it 3 x’s now.

Chasing Fish says:

Another thing about casting weightless baits is the shape of the bait also effects how the bait cast as well. A bait that’s slim is much more aerodynamic than a bulky bait, which cast much smoother and farther.

SuperDuper Outdoors says:

Excellent video bro I learned a lot. I just got my first Baitcaster and I watched your video and it helped me figure out how to set this up. Tight lines!

andy pincince says:

That makes sense..good job..keep them coming!

Preston Outdoors says:

awesome Video Debo. I personally grew up using Spinning rods since i’m from the North (North Dakota) its more of a tradition. But since I was like every other kid who was glued to the tv watching the pros I now use 90% bait casting setups. But when I throw a weightless senko I still revert back the the spinning rod. I love to skip senkos way back around cover. Do you find that skipping weightless baits a lot tougher with the bait casting setups??

Michael Shires says:

Love these videos! Thanks for the tips and free content. Randizzle pointed me to your stuff.

John Doe says:

I think the ceramic bearings you used in your bearing to distance tests might benefit light lure casting.

Andrew Alphin says:

Awesome video Dev!!! Definitely gonna start paying more attention to my 3 pieces of the setup! Never thought about the relationship between Rod, Line, and hook size!!!

Joseph NY Wayfarer says:

Great tips. I had not realized the benefits of the wiffled spool when casting weightless lures. Thanks.

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