Best Pond Fishing Baits to Use Year Round

Pond Fishing VS Lake Fishing Video

I had so many questions just about pond fishing that I decided to make it it’s own video. These are my favorite bass fishing lures for ponds that work year round, and also some of my favorites for summer bass fishing in ponds.

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Cody Wolf says:

you look like my uncle

bassfishing dipper says:

not true only for where you live it may be the best but in my neighborhood pond spinnerbaits don’t work no bites no nothing wacky rigged stick worms from yum strike king and Gary yamamoto work best here in Florida there for the name of this video I incorrect there is no best bait for bass fishing a lake or a pond it depends where you live any good fisherman should know this

WV Bassin says:

hi lakeforkguy

Fisher Swanzy says:

Where do you buy your terminator spinner baits?

jpecinajr says:

Hello LakeForkGuy. Im in Houston Tx and am just now getting into fishing. I will be taking the family to Lake Livingston this weekend. What lures or bait do you recommend?

Cameron Loveless says:

have you ever fished lake granbury? it is like 45 minutes west of fort Worth

Ryan Pellegrini says:

biggest thing for me in the dog days of Summer is down sizing. just like most people if you been outside all day sweating in 100 degree weather you typically dont want to super size you Mc Ds. small 3 to 4 inch berkly minnow, senko, or craw on a drop shot rig kills it. ive caught some of my biggest bass on really hot days.

Billy Rhodes says:

I use a white chatter bait

TheOneTheOnly W says:

Small Shad BigO crank bait or small spoon to whoever asked the shad question.

Mason Green says:


Logan Ward says:

I have that same frog I think that is the spro frog walkin midnight

William Knochel says:

whats easier to catch smallmouth or largemouth.

Grant Gautreaux says:

So I’m not sure what the baitfish in my pond are, I’ve seen big shad,does that mean there are plenty of smaller shad swimming around? It would really help me thanks!

Daniel Covington says:

I would have to choose the senko I’ve been having good luck and fun with them at my local ponds

Carlos Nunez says:

What are the best lures to use for bass fishing

HoosierVetFishing says:

When you watch all these youtubers talk about “go to” baits at specific parts of the year, it’s amazing to me no one mentions the old school grub on a 1/8oz jighead… grubs will catch fish year rounds regardless of pressure on lakes. I love to throw them on a dropshot too when the bite is really tough.

Shaky head deserves an honorable mention as well.

Nick Urbano says:

Ahhhhh……. come on now. Thought that was hilarious

Greg Mendez says:

For summertime pond bass what color do you recommend on a frog when it’s sunny outside black or white and popping or no popping? Please answers

Austin Crump says:

What baits do I use in the winter at ponds? My local ponds forage is bluegill, baby bass, and crawdads…. senkos don’t work if you were gonna say that. Thanks for the vidja!

pichum4st3r says:

Size 8 xrap. Catches fish left and right.

James Ritchie says:

Jut watched a Bill Dance video where he said if he could have only one lure to fish year round, pond or lake, it would be a spinner with a black skirt, and a single Colorado blade.  You two aren’t that far apart.   I prefer the black skirt, a swell, and for the same reasons he does.  It seems to work in water from muddy to clear, and on days that are dark and cloudy, or bright and sunny.  The big Colorado blade causes a lot of commotion, but also makes it easy to tell when a bass grabs it, even with a soft bite.

Kaleb Brooks says:

You and Blacktip are the most professional fishing Youtubers out there. Love your content, and the way you treat your fans/viewers.

Riverrunne 17 says:

Something I throw in the heat of summer when it’s stupid hot is a weightless worm. Rig a ribbon tail worm on a 3/0 hook and throw with no weight or swivel . The worm sinks really slow and once it gets underneath the thermocline is when you’ll get bit .

Joe Madl says:

Spinner baits are my favorite to use in lakes

Blake Fischer says:

Gotta love spinners! There’s so much variety in them, and they’re so effective. Only problem I have is when there is too many weeds in the pond. Great video!

Litz Challenges says:

I’m starting in pond fishing? What bait should i use? Any tips?

brent dubose says:

what reel should I get for 100$

Hidden-Pond- Fishing says:

I go to this one pond that is down in the bottom of a hill the only way u can fish it is from a boat. What should I use? It is a small pond and has fallen trees and a hole lot of grass in it and some good size bass. If anyone as any ideas please leave a comment below. Good luck fishing everyone!

Future BassPro says:

Do have any old rod in reels in baits you dont want .i be glad to accept them

Omar Zavala says:

I just need help

Shane Erz says:

But…what about the beetle spin?

Outdoor Craft says:

I caught a six inch bass on a 5inch senko

missinfishinoutdoors Dakota redig says:

you should try a mimic minnow

Josh Berrong says:

Trailer hook on the spinnerbait or naw?

BassMaster C.Burns says:

in Texas baseball an fishing is just a way of life

Jessica Nickerson says:

What are the best lures to use on lake fork

burgerboy does some shit says:

thank you i can finally catch something at my local pond

Omar Zavala says:

hey lakeforkguy I just got to ask you a question can I use a 6,6 mindum action baitcaster rod for spinnerbait, crank bait, poppers, jerk bait,Texas rig on it but I all so got a 7,0 foot rod to it just going to be my first time fishing

Parker J says:

Great video. Need more like this. Thanks!

Dan Bailey says:

where are the trailer hooks?

Michael 450 says:

Who else was watching the video in the background?

Dillon Phillips says:

wild eye crazy jig is the best small swim bait

Kyle Martz says:

i caught my 8lb pb on that same color same brand worm omg

Jack Mason says:

Have you ever fished lake LBJ it’s where I have a house and keep my boat but the water temp has been 90 degrees and I can only seem to get like one or two all day. Any tips?

Chad Richardson says:

I live in California Los Angeles area I hiked up the Malibu mountains and found a lake there were a lot of people swim so the waters disturbed but I saw 3 pound bass I threw spinner baits and crawfish jigs but they weren’t hitting them. they seemed lethargic in that case what would be the best bait?

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