Best Lures to Use when Bank Fishing for Bass for Beginners

A little overview and review of the most effective lures to use when fishing from banks for bass. Texas Rigged plastic worms are one of the best lure you can use for bass.


silverdropstang says:

Guy reminds me of “Chingy” in that song “Right Thurr”. LOL

Gator Jeaux says:

$3 for soft plastic lurrs!? Sounds like a great dill!

ERIN! says:


Jacob Williamson says:

berkley powerbait slays it

Yang Tony says:

Very nice video. I’m also living in Indiana, and wondering what type of lines do you use for bank bass fishing, thx.

Inconsistent TechDad says:

The reason you saw the bites die off on your lizards is that they are a predator to spawning bass in the spring. They hit lizards out of defence when you come across their beds. Try top water frogs for the same reason. Hope this helps on your bass fishing journey 🙂

Bryce Newell says:

lu-ers luers

SAVAGE _ O.G says:


OgPurpleBlaze says:

I live in Indiana

Terry Tackett says:

you talk funny

Leroish Gamez says:

Sounds like a machine

Wesley Adams says:


Caleb Dodd says:

In the yum worm there’s a slot where you can hide the tip of you hook in and it makes it 100 percent weedless. Most people over look it.

Vic L says:

you didn’t catch bass but u caught a good time

Dawson Pedersen says:


Drew Vliet says:


Ethyn Santos says:

I’ve been fishing for 7 years and any power bait is really good just Texas rig it and there you go you have a fish catching machine

Rick Rabies says:

worms work…

Chris M. says:

I really like these lurrrrs

The Almighty Doodle says:

I caught 6 bass using the green one

beast mode says:

reason lizards are a spring lure is cuz the lizards feed on bass eggs while they are a spawning, crawdad type lures work well too

cape codder says:

Lurrs hahaha, in the north it is a looah

Sofia Martinez says:

Were van you get those books from plz answer

Tim McPherson says:

Lerz vs lew-ers… Lol.

turkey gobbler says:

I agree with you

Billy Bob says:

Anybody else get asmr tingles

Danny faz says:

Very nice video this helped me a lot.

gary bates says:

yum dinger lolol

David Nau says:

Try the senco weightless hommie that’s the way to roll its heavy enough to cast and I thing the slower fall triggers more strikes

shartimusprime says:


cbf 24 says:

When you’re trying to find a good color to use always think of natural colors of bass pray like crawfish, natural worms, and shad

woosa42 says:

I use the 5″ Yum F2 dinger also, but i wacky rig it and in green pumpkin. My fall back bait. I never had any luck with the powerbait worm. I had the 7″ also in motor oil and purple. No lizards in Michigan. lol

Levi Garrett says:


Reuben L says:

lol I almost fell asleep

Jacob Delagra says:

I couldn’t finish this. I live in Indiana my whole life and I’ve never called them LRRRRRRS….

Quinn Malcolm says:

Sounds scripted

Codylee Fishing says:

what state do u fish in

Fish Finder says:

Some will tell you a gitzit tube jig lure is better for bass than worms. I stick with worms too.

Trevor Ainslie says:


Jake Gerads says:

Just lettin ya know, it’s pronounced LOORE

새블 says:

i want this

Tim Ervin says:

Power bait tequila sunrise. Best worm for a Texas rig.

duzty122 says:

Your not the only one that pronounces it like that, the british do the same.

Brandon Prosser says:

lrrrr or lure ? lol

Peter Yang says:

The red power worm kills it i swear.

Mike Clemons says:

I was fishing about 1am with a green and black jig with a crawdad trailer soaked in the stuff u buy in a spray bottle crawfish scent they was biting those like crazy its June I didn’t know how to fish with it but I watched vids before I went and I stayed confident fished it slow and it got me 2 bass and a lot of strikes

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