Best Baits and Services You’ve NEVER Heard of – 2018 Outdoors Expo

Wait until you see some of the hottest New baits out there in 2018. Don’t miss this MUST WATCH video. If you do I PROMISE you’ll miss the NEXT BIG THING!

ZDews Custome Lures:
Phone: 423-943-3436

Cumberland Pro Lures:

C and C Outfitters:

Norris Lake Baits:

Core Strike Baits:


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Dean Lyons says:

Do you know of any shows that will be in the Charlotte NC area?

Jacob Bush says:

I was really awkward in this, but follow me @ jbush_runner on instagram or contact me at if you need a young tournament angler to promote your products.

Southwest VA Outdoors says:

cool video man i had no idea this was happening, would have loved to came, ill be going to the 3B expo in a few mo thanks Bassgeek

Dj123456789 Zombie Extrem says:


BassBulliesTV says:

Looked like a good expo! Can’t wait for the east to fishing show


Looked like some good stuff there! Your subs were in there thick!

Rod Royal says:

Learnt me. Love it! One of us boys!

Rod Royal says:

Did you see that big black pickup hooked to that beautiful boat. If I ever get married again, you’ll see my fat ass driving that rig! Lol

dave norton says:

what a great job on this video , it helps the fisherman as well..

Money Bass says:

Good looking products. I like those custom crankbaits.
*Catching Bass for Cash*

pdbandit1 says:

I have never used his hair jigs, but those 1/8th and 3/16ths hair jigs are killer lures, even at night here in northern Ohio.

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Awesome stuff

Joey TR21X says:

Man, a great video. I had my notebook and pen the whole time scratching down a few secrets from your interviews. Thumbs up buddy…..

Almighty Sosa says:

Love your vids!!!!!

Roy Roth says:


NC Fish On says:

That SOB looks good. Going to the nc expo in the morning will go by n checking out that SOB for sure.

Arty Travis says:

When are you going to come fish lake chickamauga in southeast tennessee?!

MR-FLIP says:

Yabudy great vid and cool stuff

Just Fishing TV says:

Love this video.

Sam Dentler says:

Grabbed me 3 of those Core Strikes!

The Old BASSer says:

Great job talking to the vendors. You let them talk and explain their stuff very well.

Eric Miniard says:

Love it brother! What about that SOB?! So excited for the Knoxville expo! Be awesome to finally meet ya!!

kai russell says:

I dont meant any disrespect but when someone speaks in a decently thick southern accent, I can barely understand them.. The host I can understand him fine, but the guy at 5:00 , in the the neon green short, I was struggling. I live in the pine barrens of NJ and we got our own accents but we talk so fast and so differently than people in the south. You’d probably say this same about us though. Thats why they hit southerns with subtitles when they’re on tv…kinda messed up, but us northerners need them sometimes.

They say 10 and I’m like wtf did he say, Tan? Tin? Teen? ” you can move that ” in a southern draw and it sounds like ” bu can moo dat “… Boob can moo dat? Without the context I wouldn’t know what tf they were saying. They all sound like the guy from the water boy to a lot of us when the accent is really thick.

Bobby Fresh says:

Hey BassGeek , I was wondering if you have tried the core strike SOB and the cumberland slaunch master and if so what size would you recommend i was thinking 3/4 ? . Been using cumberland jigs for a few years and love them . Up here in NH we have some glacier lakes and some great natural lakes fishing is great but we are moving south hate the long winters . Your doing a great job with your videos I enjoy watching them ..

Jonathan Clark says:

Thanks again for teaching and showing me how the plastic shad and the weighted head-hook works. Look at this channle when you can please.

Terry Weaver says:

That crank could be a game changer,,,,I want one of every color,,,,

Taylor Martin says:

Thumbs up!!!

Rod Royal says:

I used to work a booth for a garage door company. I absolutely hated talking garage doors. Talking fishing would be so much more fun.

Yankee Tanker Outdoors says:

Good stuff.. those cumberland lures look good

BA Fishing says:


Fishing Channel says:

saw the entire video and was impressed with the quality of that small companies, the paint company got some crazy colours, big thumbs up

Ralph Barton says:

great looking stuff. I love the smaller guys

Lance Howard says:

Great timing, I was watching your older vids lol.

Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

Nice video! Great job!

Richard Clark says:

My son, Jon Clark, loved meeting you at the fishing/boat expo. Thanks for letting him show off his new lure.

Bret Compton says:

great video. those core strike baits sound really cool, but would like to see a craw pattern and maybe a bluegill

christian s says:

that squeaky truck door aint a good look for dodge

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

Killer lookin hair jig!

Johnathan Rutherford says:

You gonna be in Knoxville this weekend? @BassGeek

LT Outdoors says:

Some Awesome Products! That SOB i might have to check out! Great video Hank!

Fishing POV says:

Nice job, I’ll be at our expo working with Deeper this year. Last year I tried recording with my GoPro but the footage was so shaky it was horrible. Are you using a gimbal?

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