Best 5 Walmart Catfish Baits

Below is a review of my personal top 5 favorite catfish baits from Walmart. Hope you enjoyed the video, and as always, Best of Luck Fishing!

1. Worms
2. Chicken Livers
3. Dough baits (jar best)
4. Shrimp
5. Hotdogs
6. Zote Soap


Arthur Moore says:


AJ 1 says:

Great vid

Ralph Barton says:

Good informative video. Thanks for sharing

Stevie D says:

Hi Zack,
Nice one. We have Lugworm and Ragworm here in UK. We use them for sea fishing.
Very interesting that Soap bait. I suppose if you don’t catch you can always have a good wash. That would be a first for me if i went home cleaner after fishing than when i left home. Ha Ha.
Thanks Zack.
Steve in Scotland.

Francisco Gonzalez says:

you are the best YouTuber

Leon Springs Boys TV says:

Bar S hot dogs for 99c everything else is a waste of money

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

Nice vid bud. Try out some anise extract with your chicken or shrimp next time out bro

AAR512 AAR512 says:

Hot dogs and Chicken have worked the best for me out of all of them, but I haven’t used shrimp yet.

Haven’t had luck with worms I’ve only caught small crappie and tiny bass

The dough bait sits so long out there untouched it starts dissolving.

iMamba says:

Trout vids?

charlesskier says:

I was at Bass Pro today and they actually have a vending machine to buy worms. Night Crawlers

Dragginline Z says:

Assiniboine or red river?

victor cruz says:

i tried them all they all work pretty good

fishingUSA 1 says:

Awesome job man!

uBreakIt iRepairIt says:

Another video I watched, recommended asking stores for their spoiled shrimp, and they’ll give it to you for free.

steven d says:

Thx for the tips man really hope these items work

Eddie Lane says:

To keep your night crawlers alive longer,put used coffee grounds in the box,I’ve had them live for about 3 mo.keep them in the frig.

J.T. Cooper says:

The raw shrimp started working good soon after it warmed up a bit. I’ve caught a ton of channel cat and several big 18-20″ Wiper on it so far this year. It’s worth it when you get those big Wiper on!

Eddie Grider says:

Been fishing with chicken meat for years and it works well especially for blue cats. The dark meat is a lot better because it stays on the hook. I cut the chicken up and let it marinate in chicken liver and blood.

up church says:

Just catch some bluegill and cut them up and use them

Melissa Mooney says:

Trout vids

Brandon O'Neal says:

Some Wal Marts now have Danny king’s punch bait, it’s my favorite stink bait by far

Foothills Crafted says:

Nice rundown of easily available baits. I’d put shrimp at #1 but they are kind of expensive (and you do NOT want to forget a bag of shrimp in a hot car lol). Live/cut bait is still the king, but I’ve caught some big fish on raw jumbo shrimp.

Lavelle Jackson says:

Been using Ivory soap for 50 years to catch cats. Why Ivory instead of Zote? Because it floats. Keeps it off the bottom a little bit. Gotta use some common sense. And add a touch of garlic oil to those livers if you want scent.

Cranberry Valley RR says:


Juan Gomez says:

How long had you had your youtube chanell

J.T. Cooper says:

The channel cats around here in Kansas really love the magic bait nightcrawler dough bait. You can’t keep them off the hook with it. The whopper shad and hog wild balls in the jar are good too. I really won’t use the others because they just don’t go for them. I like to have at least 4-6 different kinds of bait to use. I tried the frozen whole shrimp the other day and got 0 bites. As soon as I put the dough bait on, I started catching fish.

charlesskier says:

Nice video Zack
It’s definitely not good when your preformed balls get dry and hard before going catfishing. Lol

Menton mountan says:

I bet those bagged shad would make good cut bait

Shannon Jackson says:

You left out the best one an thats the danny king catfish punch bait it made a beliver out of me

J.T. Cooper says:

Tried the frozen shrimp out with a 1/0 circle hook. I’ve been killing the channel cat and have caught 3, 17″ wipers in the last few days. Thanks for the tip!

Fight2dded says:

Hahahha jabónzote !!!!!!!

Joe Zuzolo says:

I live in northeastern kansas and the Missouri river is only a 10m walk away. Do you think I could fish the missouri river on the bank for catfish? If so what structure should I look for and what bait? Thanks.

Rigo Ramirez says:

That’s amazing that’s Mexican soap. Great for white shirts… And I guess fishing great video

Jon Menges says:

You left off fresh trout or salmon filets

father ethan says:

Nice vid mate

Erin Whitman says:

hey do you have any advice about cat fishing, i️ go bass fishing a lot and i️ know how to catfish and how to tie the rigs and all that but i️ cannot land one to save my life. Do you have any extra tips? ps love your videos xx

Westcoast Johnny says:

Unfortunately anything from Walmart usually is made in China, that’s why the chicken livers and other baits go bad really quick.

Cajun Plaisance says:

Bacon…………Bacon is awesome bait…..I buy the bacon pieces, you get alot for your money……I catch everything on it.

Treavor Dunn says:

Bagged shad is never good personally… lol spent 2 weeks trying to catch one with it…

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