Bates Motel Review

Norman Bates and his dear mother get the prequel treatment, set in modern day California.

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Agape says:

Aw, I thought you were kinda rough on it there..but y’know, I respect your opinion. Now here’s mine: I think it looks very well done. It gives off a creepy, foreboding sort of charge. I won’t say it was exactly or a little bit like how hitch’s Psycho was, but that isn’t the point of the show to do that. It’s not trying to surpass or call tribute to the original. imo, NO ONE could ever do that. But as a show in it’s own right taking this concept- I think it’s nailed it on the head. 🙂

dave mullineaux says:

Show was good. Entertaining. Fun for all ages. Not just CW.

John at the Movies says:

That is one aspect that the review did overlook. The acting is good despite the script.

William H Bonney says:

i did a line and jacked off to the scene where normans mom gets fucked in the ass

SoyPocho Mexicano says:

Is there enough incest? How much incest is there? If there is no incest, then fuck this show for making it seem like there is incest, without any actual incest. So what is it, incest or not?

vic Oregano says:

Just finish season one and overall just found the show to be just ok. Nothing really special but at the same time not awful or painful to watch. I think the show just made the mistake of focusing too much on the underground crazy town people and not enough on the relationship of Norman and his mother. If you really think about it this show could pretty much replaced Norman bates and his mother for any other characters and it would still be the same show, they hardly had any impact on the show bc we really never got to know or understand their characters to well. Instead of that whole weird underground Asian sex slave sideline story they should had a few flashback moments like they did in the shows Lost or Breaking Bad that gives the viewers little clues of why these characters behave the way they do and it would help add a little sense of mystery. That’s just my opinion.

MG says:

Yeah you defentanly need to watch more than the pilot to get the show rolling

sawaugust says:

The shows actually set in Oregon

Savanna Taylor says:

I <3 bates motel

SoyPocho Mexicano says:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no sicko, but that shit is hot! Specially when the mom is as hot as Vera Farmiga, it doesn’t turn you on a little?

Justin Self says:

First off I’m not a child….I’ve actually been quite the Hitchcock fan since I was about 8 years old (I’m 27) and I’ll be honest I was skeptical about them touching a Masterpiece…or trying to elaborate in a prequel sense. But I actually enjoy this show thoroughly. It’s hard to make a FINAL opinion after one pilot episode…I’d really love to see a review after the seasons over! Otherwise very respectful and opinionated review! Great job!

Zara k says:

the show was awesome!!

John at the Movies says:

The episode I watched took place in northern California.

Stormer324 says:

hmm… i guess im just one of those guys who thinks that the good old movies should be left alone since they are great the way they areand the only thing shows like this does is bring them down, and people who havent seen them will think that the movies will suck since the series do… unless they are really stupid people who think that only movies that are newer than 5 years are any good. in that case: let them have their sucky reboots and good riddance :p

TheRedGrant says:

Another wannabee ‘artsy’ critic.

Zim Smith says:

Man…You really like your incest.

John at the Movies says:

I wish I had Norman Bates hair.

Agape says:

Most pilots do, yeah, this was only the tip of the iceberg anyway. And I mean, you can’t deny the great acting either, if anything does keep ya involved. Vera Farmiga is always a thrill to watch. Freddie impressed as well. Which surprised me since the last time i saw him he was running a chocolate factory with johnny depp.

VenomousOutcast says:

personaly I do not agree with his “review”

44excalibur says:

There is implied incest, if that’s what you mean.

John at the Movies says:

Some of the footage from the upcoming episodes seemed to hint at more horror and a few more interesting characters. Maybe it needs a few episodes to get the ball rolling? Glad you enjoyed it.

Chasmarae Roller says:

I loved it. I have to wonder what would keep your attention if this was so bad? I guessed it to be the Oregon coast just by the look of it.


Rape , Murder, and Incest . what more can anyone want.

i thought it was good and is not intended to rival the classic movie but give a modern twist to the story of Norman Bates.

this is more of a Prequel of the Original Psyco……..the mother

we all know what happens to Norman down the road and this will explain why

i like the fact is in set in modern times and is intended to show more about Norma Bates and the creepy town and weird towns people

it’s a mini series so watch more

Zim Smith says:

Vera Farmiga is a BABE for her age, but I want to see her attack all the girls that like Norman.

gotchaman80 says:

Mr.AintItCoolTV, You hit the nail on the head!!! A majority of the fans of these types of shows are kids and you can tell that it was written for the CW crowd. I suspect HANNIBAL will be in the same vain, recycled and unimaginative. It’s a sign of the times, Remake-Recycle and hope that it grabs the kids of the GIMME-NOW generation.

Shanique Miller says:

Idk what you have too say I loveeee it !!”

SoyPocho Mexicano says:

Hopefully, it has enough incest to keep me interested.

Jack Walter says:

Completely disagree with this guy, anyone who’s been watching the show to this day can agree with me when I say that it’s a good show.

Amber D says:

Wow, I’m surprised with the negative reviews on here. Personally, I love the show. It is the only show I make it a point to watch.

captain07234 says:

Not the that I disagree with the review but the show is set on the Oregon Coast not California. Sort of add credibility to the review if you could get the details right.

Opalin09 says:

I watched it and thought it was ok. I thought it at least had potential. When it comes to new shows and pilots I am more forgiving for the first couple of episodes because rarely does a series blow you out of the water with the pilot. Everything is always abit new, confusing or full on. I will keep watching and hope that it gets me hooked.

Content Aware Phil says:

Great casting and art direction can not save how badly written this is.

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