Bass Fishing with Bluegills. The Ultimate Bluegill by Mattlures.

Lure: Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill
Rod: 7′ 10 Duckett Extra Heavy
Reel: Shimano Curado 200I
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

I found an excellent new swimbait that looks and swims exactly like a live bluegill. It swims with a lifelike motion and has as good of a paint job as I have ever seen. If the fish are feeding on bluegills, they will not be able to pass this up.

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –
Chest Mount –
External Mic –
GoPro Housing –
Clamp Mount -
Suction Mount –
Micro SD –
Drone –
Zoom Camera for Blowups –
Editing Software –
Charging Station –

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Crappie Hippie says:

wanna sell more lures???  Show Liz rippin’ lips all you can…

Justin Schroeder says:

You catch more huge bass than any person I’ve ever seen! What’s your personal best?


Pretty awesome stuff – TRS-Records

James grant says:

I wondering if catfish would hit that.. I have caught catfish with live crappie b4

jason boice says:

All you catch is junks on those

ryan gonzalez says:

where did you buy the lure

CD Outdoors says:

was that rod missing line guides?

Crappie Hippie says:

Good looking fish, kickin’ spot…

Love Films says:

Please add us @lonnie love

Donny De Leon says:

What landing net are you using?

Addicted Angler says:

that’s a amazing looking swim bait, just wish had a treble hook on bottom too

MIAcane23 says:

What is the best way to fish this lure? Depth? Cover? Temperature? Time of year? I am saving for this lure now and I am extremely excited to use it. Also, I saw on the Mattlures website that it did not appear to come with the treble hook, is there an option to get it on there?

Bo Jackson says:

Toads galore

Jennifer Martinez says:

What type/size of line would u recommend?

Carson Woodward says:

Do you just let it set or do you reel it

Dustin Edmiston says:

The guides just pop off it?

Crappie Hippie says:

Love your sneaky jon boat, nice!!!

carson calvert says:

Hey man what area are you fishing from Alabama , im from walker county

Daniel Johns says:

I saw the thin nail and I thought you were live lining a bluegill it looks really realistic I’ll probably pick one up

Finesse Bassin says:

That jump at 2:20 got me excited

John Duggan says:

@bamabass do you ever attach a treble hook to the bottom of your mattlures bluegill? Thanks!

Nathan Lucero says:

i definitely need to pick one of these up

Mike Provost says:

Looks like your rod needs a few more eyes

Cole Hoffman says:

Has anyone ever tried out the Storm Wildeye Live Bluegill? I’m just wondering if that is a cheaper but effective alternative to this lure, as I’m sure this lure is much better but for the cheaper cost it might be a good choice.

Dustin Edmiston says:

What’s wrong with that rod?

Will DeBlois says:

I’ve been cutting mine open and super glueing the plastic to the harness and then using mend it to seal up the cut. The bait seems to last a bit longer. awesome video btw, they were lighting that thing up!

LuisT LTZ says:

These baits seem to get destroyed way too easily! In a couple of your own vids as a matter of fact.

Cj H. says:

You always catch about the biggest Bass on YouTube. What’s your favorite lakeTo fish a ?

Solomon Barnes says:

how fast is your reel???

bordersoldier says:

I love your sister she is hot

baby buck says:

+bamabass do u have any tips and tricks on how to catch fiiniky bass in a small pond?

Hank L says:

What’s your pb bass

BassBreath100 says:

Well shit Dam!

Thystaff Thywill says:

I use to fish a small park pond, and one time I saw this bass chase a bluegill for about an hour. I cast my lure in that area and the bass wasn’t interested, he wanted that bluegill.

Hazama Yakiba says:

That same group of middle lake trees you fish have served your business well. Does it ever not produce? Wondering…

Bruce Morris says:

Big Bass!

Mavrick Thompson says:

have you fished in arkansas

Jon Haberski says:

Home girl did a good job netting..

jason boice says:

Are you fishing it close to the surface?

Megatron 81 says:

where can I get this

Christopher Riddick says:

Are you guys in a private pond or lake

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