Bass Fishing – Plastic Baits Gone Wild

Bass fishing with plastic baits and ActionDiscs gives anglers a whole new way of rigging plastic worms, swim baits, flukes, stick baits…you name it.
By adding unique crankbait action and vibration, ActionDiscs convert any soft plastic baits into the ultimate Swimbait!

How to fish with ActionDiscs.

Slide the disc on the line before you tie on your bait. Let the bait sink to the bottom, twitch it and finesse it like you normally would, then retrieve it like a crankbait. It’s like fishing a plastic worm and a crankbait in the same cast. No other way of rigging plastic worms produces a more natural swimming action or gives bass anglers a better chance to catch big fish on heavily pressured water.

Rigging plastic worms with ActionDiscs is an excellent way for bass fishermen to get more versatility and better results from the soft plastic baits they already own.

Make your best plastic bait better.

WiggleFin ActionDisc
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KassPåAttHåva says:

Cool video!

strata g says:

thanks mate we found em,

wigglefin says:

If you are worried about the speed of the fluke in this video, copy and paste the following line into your youtube search bar:

Bass, Trout, Salmon, Walleye & Kokanee – ActionDisc Baits

It shows a range of different baits running at different speeds.

Wezilla says:

Look delicious

James Ci says:

Will your soft plastic float with this

Carlos Borges says:

Very nice…

A big hug from Brasil….

Porwmeno Patriotaki says:

Very nice

SVFilming says:

No longer weedless, looks deadly for deep water, drop offs and weed lines though

KassPåAttHåva says:

That’s a cool lure

ChivasUsaFan16 says:

should have put a phenesse pumpkin seed worm on and u would have caught a fish

Kico T. says:


Jack Scott says:


Bass Parader says:

Great idea… seems like it works well. How’s this work with 4-7 inch senkos, given they’re pretty stiff?

wigglefin says:

You can actually order these online in the UK from PikeShack

– WiggleFin

MinecraftNRA says:

what kind of weight are you using?

Tucker Menz says:

Has anyone tried with with a super fluke???? It has got to be amazing….

Creme Lure Co. says:

I’ll bet our worms would work great with this rig. That looks great.


I was just thinking that!

bob jones says:

300th sub:)

pdeezie559 says:

I gotta get me a action disk!

TheOhioSportsman says:

Pretty cool!

Nolan Hays says:

If you fished it weightless, would it kinda be like a popper? Might be a dumb idea. Just a thought. Don’t kill me for this idea.

wigglefin says:

Use a SlideLoc stopper to space the ActionDisc series 2 about 3/4 of an inch in front of a 7″ Senco and you will get a killer quiver action. Use the series 1 disc on smaller baits and let it slide right down to the knot.

– WiggleFin

Tyler Schuster says:

That’s pretty cool!

DwFishingTeam says:


David Vang says:

Where Can I Find These Largemouth Bass Will Slaughter These In Wisconsin

wigglefin says:

You need to watch the entire video. The point that you are missing is that you can still fish your plastics slow and twitchy but you get the added benefit of crainkbait action when you speed up the retrieve.


A lot of action

Hrod Fishing says:

Really nice, where i can get the discs?

Mitsubifrevk says:

Slick stuff right here

wigglefin says:

Click on the “Show More” tab under the video description and a hot link to the website is listed there.

felonner says:

so nice

sanchezl92 says:

Second!!!lol really? I like the idea.can I find it at walmart?

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