Bass Fishing: How to Fish a Popper – Topwater Fishing with Scott Martin

FLW Pro Bass Fisherman Scott Martin shares his fishing tips and techniques to help you catch more bass. In this fishing video Scott Martin talks about topwater fishing lures like the popper style bait.

Learn about…

-What classifies a popping style bait
-How to choose the color of your lure
-How to rig your popper
-What type of fishing rod to use when fishing a popper
-What type of reel to use when fishing a popper
-Step-by-step instructions on how to fish a popper

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Duncan MacLeod says:

Can you use a Spinning Reel setup for this too?

RedReadper380 says:

I use a heddon pop n image in frog color and it’s spring I went out yesterday and cause 8 on it

Muffin tabbycat says:

are poppers accurate for fishing in saltwater

Evan Owen says:

Would have been nice to actually see him fish and show how to use the lure but the long story about the dog, grandpa, that old car, the one that got away, your cholesterol numbers and your thoughts about alien life were truly informative.

josh sark says:

great vid. I’m going to
switch my braided line for mono. I got a 5’6″ light action spin caster rod. ha-ha.

The Notorious Angler says:

on the bayou we use these and jitterbugs at daybreak and fog overcast and rain sunset and days with water like glass

Kyle Gingras says:

subscribed! great videos thanks man



Liza Tench Brings says:

Watched your video while tying on hula popper. Ten minutes later, I had a nice two pounder on the bank. Thanks!

Korey Songe says:

Like fishing? You will love our song “Change My Bait” on Decoys in the Bathtub by La Pair O De!!!

Rob Estees says:

There are a lot of videos on YouTube about fishing the Pop R style baits. One thing missing from most of them is that this bait usually won’t produce all day. Unless it’s very overcast or even raining, this one is usually done before 9:00 AM. It’s a good one tyo pull out just before dusk too. Of course, fish will make a liar out of you too.

Treha1da says:

I went out after watching this and caught 3 large mouth from shore. I was previously tugging..reeling..tugging..reeling without resting. This helped a bunch. Thanks

RedReadper380 says:

and I fish a popper all sunny day and catch them all day

Seth Johnson says:

I can’t my wrist is stiff in a cast

HueweGoneFishing says:

I love your vidoes and was wondering if 12lb mono would work for poppers thank you



Misha Tukach says:

I made it myself thanks to woodprix website

setme31 says:

That “Blouunk” sound you are talking about seems to be the key.  I catch a lot more fish when the bait is consistently making that sound.  I don’t like using braid either, but not because it catches my hook.  It seems like that magical “Blouunk” sound is much harder to achieve with no stretch line.

Jeremiah Shine says:

Poppers on the fly…can’t get much better.

Diallo Morris says:

thanks dude ur a true expert

Michael Morgan says:

Never had braid get caught on a popper while retrieving.

Alex H says:

I had never tried a topwater popper. I’m new to bass fishing and lately been doing well with Senkos. I went to a pond yesterday with my new popper lure, opened YouTube on my phone and watched this video right before I cast my lure and I caught my first one on the popper.

bra not cool j says:

I use frog walker style and gonna start using a new hook called lazersharp

Kyle Gingras says:

by far the most resourceful videos I’ve come across.. thanks so much

AntwonV94 says:

Hey Scott,

Question. Should poppers stay on top of the water fully when they are still? Because my popper hangs in the water with half its body in and the head on top. Not sure if it should be totally horizontal on the top of the water or if its supposed to hang down.

Trupha Trupha says:

What kind of glasses do u have? They look good, thanks

Quan Greene says:

you are my new favorite fishing person!!!

Flat Broke Outdoors says:

We’re can i get one of then bad ass shirts that Scotts is wearing

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