Bass Fishing: How to fish a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

Learn how to catch largemouth bass with a plastic worm. In this video Scott Martin gives us bass fishing tips and advice on

– The right way to fish a plastic worm
– What a plastic worm represents to a largemouth bass or any other bass
-What size weight and fishing line you need to properly fish your plastic worm
-Tips and Techniques on how to move your plastic worm with your fishing rod instead of your fishing reel.

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Oscar Rodriguez says:

How bout a vid of what to do when the fish hit?

dan duffy says:

can someone please tell me why he is not actually in water doing this lmfaoo!

darkangelsoaps says:

I’m moving from the backwoods of Kentucky to an island off the coast of East Africa in a month. The coastline is predominantly sand beaches with a few areas here and there of rocky coves. Can anyone recommend a good channel to learn the basics of saltwater fishing and the lures used for ocean fishing from the shoreline? Im going from bass and catfish to fishing in the ocean and I am totally lost and would like to learn as much as possible before I get there. I won’t be fishing from a boat at all so channels discussing deep sea fishing from the charter boats won’t help me much. I will be fishing strictly from the shore. Thanks!

eric w says:

I love to fish soft plastics too. Thanks for the tips.

Zak Vince says:

where do you pu the weight though

thai pham says:

fishing it weightless is good too just cast and let it sink natutally… repeat

João Carlos Juliani says:

It doesn’t work!!!! I tried

Jermaine Singleton says:

thanku, i needed this

James Lewellen says:

also forgot i throw the 7.5 inche worm culprit

Unedited Gamer says:

Solid believer in the weightless worm 90% of the time. If needed I have some very minor weighted worm hooks.

Some stuff likes to float, some likes to slowly sink (my favorite) and some lakes are just to deep to fish a weightless worm.

We have a dam about 40 miles away. In the middle of no where. Talking northern part of North Dakota. No trees, no bushes, just relatively flat land with the occasional small valley.

The dam is in the middle of no where can’t see it from the highway can’t even see the water but if you go down this random dirt road there is the dam (Black Tail).

Water is 45 foot deep, virtually a drop off after 5 foot strait down. No current on the side I fish but that 70 degree angle. Almost impossible to get any top water bite.

There is the occasional channel with 4-5 water and cattails…..

Just fish it weightless and if you can’t use the smallest possible weight you need to fall.

James Lewellen says:

man i was woundering if anyone stills remeber this way of fishing the rubber worm is my go to lure when there not biting anytging else thats for sure that has never failed me even at night can still catch them the most effective one for me though is red and black on a 1/4 to 1/2 ounce bullet weight on a mustad number 2 hook never failed me at all and the way he is telling you how to do it in the video is the best way

Beth & Jerry Mlekoday says:

thank you! I’m beginning angler and I just got some worms… then i was like wait how do i fish these. perfect vid helped me catch my first bass. 2 pounder but i guess you got to start some where

Patty Bell says:

cool video I fish in Minnesota gonna try I catch good bass here huggs from Minnesota great tip just started using soft baits

123456789 123456789 says:

good tip, you remind me of will ferral

BOOM Broadcasting says:

Will…Will Muthafuckin Ferell? Come Here My Boy!

at WarpLoT says:

I did this using common sense and basically being the bait.. proud of myself after watching this & knowing i did it right.

Cody Hicks says:

great video bro. any other advice welcomed

fatty jewjew says:

thanks I could really use this tip

lkjyuiop says:

I like to smoke weed and fish I have a St croix legend extreme rod

Can i get 1000 subs without a video? says:

What if there’s a lot of thick grass/moss that gets stuck on my worm

Volkswagen Dudes says:

Awesome advice! My whole life I have not been a fan of worm fishing, never had much luck.Come to find out I was fishing the worm to fast. I tried the dragging technique tonight, I caught 5 fish in 30 mins, one of which was my new personal best! 8 pounder on eagle mountain lake in Texas! On a Texas rigged zoom bait. Best evening of fishing I have had in a while.

Fishy Mann says:

Hey ya’ll should come check out my fishing channel!

Flatt-Land Tackle says:

im guessing Scott went trick or treating as a racoon the following October….

Rance Warschak says:

Scott is the best ! Love his videos … hey Scott come fish Falcon Lake in TX with me …

Pablo Lopez says:

I don’t usually come on here to comment but thanks to your advice I have caught 2 very large bass! Awesome video and thanks!

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