Bass Attack Lures GoPro Footage | Underwater Bass Fishing

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a bass eats your lure down there? Well wonder no longer as I take you down to where the fish live once again in this underwater installment. Bass fishing is the best, and when you can see the fish, I think it becomes even more fun!

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Michael Cole says:

Perfect example of me fishing: lure bounces off the fish…. bounce bounce bounce…. almost knocks the bass out… bass swims away with a headache

Southeast Bassing says:

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Tortilla Breath Jess says:

What GoPro are you using?

Roket Peicce says:

these bass. are on their bed you shouldn’t try. catch them it s actually illegal

Arduous Ant says:

Great video! liked and subbed! 🙂 Thanks and keep it up! 😀

aidan gubash says:

i love these videos

Jay Hall says:

Dude this is sick!

Cannon P. says:

new channel need subs please all about fishing

F. Leal says:

Was that a French bass plugging your channel? lol

v t says:

start at 1:18 and look at 1:22 bass say ”fu ck”

Robert Willard says:

Thank you for your work and excellent videos. I am a beginner at this and it is not easy. Please continue with your videos, no matter what direction they take. I will be following and appreciating them. Thanks again.

Palzie says:


Back Woods Angling says:

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Teemu-TV says:

That was interesting! All fish that are caught for eating must be handled carefully to reduce stress and humanely killed as soon as possible after capture. Humane killing requires that the fish is stunned (rendered instantaneously insensible) before being bled out. This is important because fish feel pain in the same way humans do.

Percussive stunning involves a forceful and accurate blow to the head with a blunt instrument. The force required will depend on the size of the fish. The blow should be aimed just above the eyes to impact on the brain. The effectiveness of the stun should be checked and another blow applied if the fish is not unconscious.

After stunning the fish should be bled out by cutting the gill rakers or, with larger fish, a main artery. With the very small fish breaking the neck is good way to kill. Just put your thumb or other finger to the mouth of the fish and quickly make a move upwards.

Tight lines!

Bass Bulletin Board says:

awesome vid. check out my channel too and sub

The_Nemesis Blackshot Zen says:

is this at lake or sea?

Sore Lip City says:

This is great footage, I will be attempting this as soon as all this snow melts off here lol. Sore Lip City!!!

Leefresh Paul says:

Wow it is really interesting video.
I will share it to show my fishing friend in Korea. : )

Barrett Bassin' says:

Lol the end though when you were talking like that I laughed out loud

Marshall sergi says:

What are you doing in my swamp

Eduardo Valencia says:

That music made it more enjoyable, nice vid man!

SoDak Outdoors says:


SP Entertainment says:

Hey I just finish watched your videos it so cool and more interested. By the way can you subscribe my channel and after then I will subscribe you back. Ok? This is link to my channel.

Jace Purdy says:

Give em a second to bite jeez

Eric Andresen says:

these videos are dope.

김영훈 says:


Oh Really says:

Notice how so many of those good bites came on the fall of the lure. That’s why you hop a jig/lure and don’t just drag it along the bottom (most of the time)

GreenHouse says:

Great Video, keep up the great work and editing!! I subbed I’d appreciate it if you would too 🙂 -GreenHouse

Bass Bros Fishing says:

hey you got my sub please give one back new fishing channel

Devon Bustard says:

Thought this would be about the company bass attack

Knutty Bassin says:

Hey man great video, I subscribed to help you out could you help me out?

Fishing With Gilbert509 says:

wow nice video

Kenneth Thomas says:

can you please give me some bait

Slayer Metallica says:

Am I watching a fishing video or playing minecraft

Leila Clarridge says:

1:04  I must go now, my pond needs me!

Outdoor Adventures says:

This dude needs to learn to fish. You gotta let it grab it fully then yank and set the hook. Then reel

Bluetick Country says:

love these video’s

koke-n-spike says:

annoying out ro and annoying slomo replays

xROYAL_GALAXYx 21 says:

fuck fresh water fishing

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