Bait works so good, should be ILLEGAL to use. Lip RipperZ Hatchery Dust.

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Please note: In an attempt to preserve our fishery and teach beginning trout fisherman proper fishing ettequette, we chose to display this fish as being caught and released. However, cleary, when using any kind of dough bait with hatchery dust, the fish will swallow it completely, ultimately killing the fish. Needless to say, this fish was not released as show, but only displayed as such to show beginning trout anglers that catch and release is typically the correct thing to do when using other lures. (This set up is best used for times when you want to keep a couple fish for the campfire or take a few home for dinner, not catching and releasing.)

If trout are ever to be released back into the water to stay alive, it is recommended to not handle or remove their protective slime on the their skin, never to touch their gills, and even remove them from the water for extended periods of time.

We appreciate your comments and you are correct, when releasing a fish, it is recommended to handle with more care as they are extremely delicate. We will have a video on proper catch and release shortly.

Caught at Corona Lake in Southern California.

EVER WISH you could fish with REAL Trout Hatchery Food?? NOW YOU CAN!! Just “Roll Your Dough” and turn ANY Dough Bait into a ‘fishable’ HATCHERY PELLET. Get ready to dust your competition with the all NEW Lip RipperZ HATCHERY DUST!! Makes the BEST BAITS even BETTER!!

Many years ago, dough bait was originally invented to imitate the flavor of real trout hatchery food. Simply put, stocked trout have been raised to feed on HATCHERY PELLETS their entire lives, know the taste and absolutely love it. As matter of fact, it’s all they know!! The problem: real hatchery trout food only comes in the shape and form of a hard dry pellet, and there is absolutely NO EFFECTIVE WAY to stick it on a hook and keep it there, making it practically IMPOSSIBLE to fish with.

That is. UNTIL NOW…

INTRODUCING THE LIP RIPPERZ “HATCHERY DUST”, an extremely POWERFUL and SUPER SECRET micro-powder used to Enhance and Supercharge all of your favorite Dough Baits. Simply “Roll Your Dough” into this specially formulated hatchery micro-powder and for the FIRST TIME EVER, enable yourself to fish with a REAL LIFE HATCHERY PELLET!! Now like fishing with a REAL trout pellet, you’ve TRANSFORMED your favorite trout bait into the BUFFET fish have been FORCED to feast upon their entire lives!! So effective in tests, SOME SAY IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO USE!! I mean what could possibly work better? Well, there’s more.

HATCHERY DUST is not just regular old trout pellets ground up into a powder, but a super concentrated secret formula, consisting of ONLY the powerful ingredients pertaining to the TASTE and SMELL trout have grown accustomed to their entire lives. Our team of scientists, at perhaps the largest Fish Feed manufacturer in the USA, have Formulated, Tested AND Constructed perhaps the perfect combination of ingredients into the PERFECT HATCHERY PELLET (dust); an exact science that simply CAN’T BE REPLICATED. That’s right, all ‘fillers’ have been REMOVED and further SUPERCHARGED with ingredients and flavors that ACTUALLY MATTER. A total process taking FOUR LONG YEARS to be RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT!! Not only has this mix been REVAMPED and AMPLIFIED but has also been INFUSED with a top secret agent developed by our very own scientists, proudly named the “Blood Bite” flavored bait enhancers. A one of a kind, salty and EXCLUSIVE blood flavor set to trigger BOTH stocked trout and natural trout alike.
With HATCHERY DUST, you will probably be fishing with the most powerful bait you have EVER used. It’s not rocket science to understand that it’s the taste and scent on the outside of your bait, not on the inside, that makes a trout readily swallow it. Furthermore, it’s the flavor and scent that milks off your bait in water that will draw in fish from even the greatest of distances. This plume of flavor and scent attracts fish to hunt for their favorite food. This is why it is important to re-apply HATCHERY DUST often to create that milking plume and attract more trout to your bait. Think of it as chumming, only surprisingly legal, and very effective. HATCHERY DUST also has holographic glitter, mimicking small baitfish scales in the water and will capture the visual attention of any nearby trout.


Meme Machine says:

gr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8

Roman Kozlovskiy says:

your just in the right place most people couldn’t get them that fast besides best bait is trout bait mixed with salmon eggs

Hashley says:

was that a trout

Watson HUN says:

half life 3 will be only on xbox

Joseph Gelb says:

yeh its crazy when they only bite a power bait lol

Hunter and Lee's outdoor adventures says:

how do you get the stuff to stay on your bait its falls off soon as it touches the water please give me some tips to keep it on

Adam Sanders says:

So pretty much your fishing in a pond it’s not very hard to do and y’all need to get the scale fixed because i have caught bigger bass and didn’t weigh that much.

Antonio Gonzalez says:

we’re you buy it at homi

Angelique Delgado says:

I just got it that shit don’t work for shit! for real

Pure Skill says:

That’s sick

r s c-household says:

they also love hotdog slices. the garlic stinks.

Xavier Quintana says:

That is cool

OG Kiwi says:

Dose this really work this product is very pricey in ca

Fransico Zafra says:

What detraction is that so I can go fish

the-weekend-warrior says:

Has anyone actually used this stuff? I want to know if it really works 🙂

Lj farias says:

wut kind of rig u using

wyatt bastian says:

is that a rainbow or brown trout

Navy SEALS Rock says:

hatchery dust is good sometimes but it has never really work for me. cool video

brad taylor says:

nice bass !!

The TrenzBroz says:

how do you rig it exactly including the type of main and leader line? thx!

Stephen Hiers says:

where did you get the dust?

logan barton says:

it on Amazon for $8.00

Robert Whittington says:

why not just grind up a few pellets of trout chow.

Jack Clarke says:

I am having trouble with the dust staying on the bait. Any suggestions?

B Woods says:

if 30 secs is illegal, i just get arrested everytime i have sex

Mohamed Farouk says:

Why is it a must for an anglers to have a fishing licence in the US? It’s not the same in some other countries. Only fishermen with boats and nets have to have a licence.

harri hiltunen says:


so Nani says:

Be honest hi just got lucky. Try 10 cast see what will happen.

Roman Kozlovskiy says:

stuff comes right off when it hits water tested it myself

Rayman17578 says:

it was actually 11 seconds and 6 Milla seconds

Zach attack says:

It was 13 secs when you got da feesh

True says:

I have it so good coughs 28 bass with it

Tom Nim says:

I like your shirt a lot

Americansdeserve 2bnukedandwipedout says:

product is shit

Xavier Quintana says:

9 Second

Dan Leon says:

WHAT DO I GET i got garlic mealworm it dosent work like that i got a massive trout in like 5 min in the river should i try cheese

TCove says:

Just learn to fish properly without any gimmicks and magic dust. Use some skill.

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