Antique Fishing Lures and Old Vintage Tackle

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I examine a handful of antique fishing lures as well as some other old vintage lures from my collection. I take a look at some old Rapala, Heddon, and Rebel fishing lures along with some other lures I am not sure about. These old fishing lures came from a few places. I found one or two of these out in the wild, another one was purchased by me as a young boy, and the rest were hand me downs. Take a look and let me know if you recognize any of these old lures. Also, if you know how old these classic lures might be, please let me know below.


Blain Ruyf says:

The pink lure is a bass fishing lure. Was very common back in the day for it’s sporadic movement.

tactical nerf says:

I have so much jointed jerkbait, at least 12

Wil Martin says:

Great vid. Awesome lures. Thanks for sharing

LSMF Twitchell says:

Another old lure still works very well. The jitter bug is still a great top water lure. Especially, when night fishing. Use a big broken back in black at night.

Timothy Land says:

The rod feels like a heavy (black max)compared to my Shakespeare outcast.Im a true budget fisher

Baaqir Hamid says:

the one with no marking is a pikie minnow Creek chub

Spencer Pierce says:

The perch patterned lure is a Creek Chub Pikie

jewfro says:

Awesome arsenal of Vintage lures

Flat Out Bank Angling says:

Alex, I tried to send you the link but couldnt do it. If you search “Fishing lure collection” here on You Tube it should be the 1st video on the list.

Michiwonder Outdoors says:

OMG @ 3:40 I have the exact same frog!

Timothy Land says:

The first lure you showed I have

Allen Creek Outdoors says:

Someone may have commented on this already, but the the lure you found is a “pikie minnow”. I believe that’s the lure George Perry used that caught the world record largemouth bass. I purchased 3 of them at a yard sale cheap. I love the antique lures. I collect them when possible. I have several that belonged to my dad, grandpa and great grandpa. Great video.

Radu Adrian says:

I got one extremely similar with the rapala jointed finland one, but it is made out of plastic. And i actually caught a small 2 pounder hammer handle on it the other day. It is the most precios lure i own ’cause it’s from my uncle who passed. I would go for a swim to get it out of snags, good thing it’s a topwater lure.

Jonathan M Plus says:

That pink one is a trolling plug for pike

K kore says:

+RealisticFishing, The hot pink lure is a Flat fish, kwickfish, or a maglip style lure. They are commonly used for fishing for steelhead and salmon. There are also miniature versions of them that are used for fishing for trout.

backwoods bassin says:

the pink one is a salmon lure for trolling or sotting in the current on a boat

Flat Out Bank Angling says:

Hey Alex how are you? I have been going through catching up on all your videos and I had watched this one the other day. Today I was watching videos and I came across one with a guy that has a large collection of old lures. Some of the companies have collector guide books with information on the lures. Ill see if I can get the link to the video to you.

Healthy Kayak Angler says:

Rebel lures are my number one choice of all lures. I have been catching big bass on them for 50+ years. The more you fish big rebel minnows the more big bass you will catch. Fish in shallow water. Fish it slow with a regular retrieve. Don’t jerk it. The bigger the lure the better.

Jason Dean says:

I think the pink one is a kwik fish from lure Jensen.

IdahoFishingFreak says:

i have a few of them thin fins that i got from my uncle and i have used the jointed rapala for year great bait

Oxyrisen says:

The Meadow Mouse is from the late 70’s early 80’s The lure you found in the tree is looks a Pflueger from the around the 50’s.

jonesee123 says:

Creek chub pikie in perch

i2aspire says:

No way that first bait you showed I got 1 just like it.

DrFrankensteam says:

I seem to remember as a kid seeing one that looked like the pink one, only it was orange. I just can’t quite remember though sorry! Maybe it’s a Heddon Tad Polly or Prowler.

Harrison The Outdoor Guy says:

I have the jointed jerkbait except my is new you can still buy them at Wal-Mart. By the way it was the Rapala

damian nichols says:

never fish them my friend they lost enough back in the day find a way to display them nice collection

Timothy Land says:

Try the Shakespeare out cast they make it in two piece or single and red or blue. It goes for $15 at Kmart I think

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