8 Carp bait recipes – Homemade carp bait – How to catch carp

8 carp bait recipes for catching carp. How to catch carp with homemade carp bait. These carp baits include DIY boilies, paste baits, pack baits, pellets and particle baits.

how to tie a hair rig

For a video of my 15 favorite carp baits check out

And if you want to catch carp check out our How to Catch Carp Playlist

And for more information about carp fishing and how to catch carp check out www.catsandcarp.com


Marcelino Roman says:

What do I do if I don’t have whole wheat grains

Arron Iles says:

Plz Plz help, when making the first ones I can’t get them to float by microwaving them what is going wrong???

Jagged Tooth Tackle says:

Just found your channel and started carp fishing this year — love your channel and your voice is perfect for youtube. You’d be a hoot to fish with

Daniel Rosca says:

How fast does that

Andrei Bogdan says:

Dude thank you so much. Hands down my fav account wish i found you earlier.

rayshawn Russell says:

at bait good for the fish i am killing them.

Ryan says:

only worries i have with these boilies is bream lol but i am making some with your guide tonight along with the oatmeal pack bait im excited to try thanks for your guide

ImFAULKn says:

Omg I was dying when you said your wife won’t let you use her blender anymore! Lmao

Trystan Thoresson says:

I use cherry Smirnoff and it is an absolute bomb

radion sokol says:

Can I put on my hook without boiling it? because when you boil it gets harder to put on the hook, I just use regular hook not hair rig hook

lascivious95 says:

or you can get gnocchi from a dollar store and save sooo much time

Baz Shaw says:

Very good info and advice subbed mate 🙂

Martin Hartley says:

How much oat meal did u use?

Dara Curran says:

Caught 5 carp on these strawberry boilies withsome garlic and chillie in it too

Phillip Dodds says:

“There was an incident.” Lol love it. Must tell!

Lewis Jenkins says:

Where can I buy Soy Meal from? Struggling to find the stuff online…Thanks!

karlocola says:

Nice video. Thanks for tips!

PanFishing101 says:

put a couple of your little BALLS and put them in the microwave…….. uhhhhh……. i think that would hurt

Robert Daily says:

Thanks for the tip on the chicken pellets and molasses bait. Caught a 25.8 lb carp in my neighborhood pond of all places. However, I did chum with deer corn. Great bait. Won’t let me post the photo.

Sever Mitrofan says:

At the ponko bait is jello that necesary (becose in the state where i live you can’t fint it)

michael thomas says:

Very helpful and charming video, you are blessed with Beautiful Children….

Carmen Herrera says:

Does chicken feed corn work as bait

Hunter Hardin says:

Could a nature valley granola bar work?

Grumpy Old Fart says:

My wife gave me the new blinder the food processor and the meat grinder said she’d never need them and as long as I don’t make anything that smells like barf I can fix the baits in the house !

Stephen Tiong says:

I love your vids. I just started carp fishing and your videos are my goto source for carp fishing knowledge! Keep it up!

01 Hyder says:

Have u tried the fermented seeds? Mix forage corn and wheat, fill up with water. Let it relax for 24hours. Then give one bottle of yogurt. Wait 3-7 days. It is an exellent feeding food.

Sergio Sanchez says:

Will it mess them up if you microwave the floating boilies in 10 sec increments?

Soupzz says:

For boillies can you just put them on a bare hook?

Steven Secondo says:

What kind of slingshot do you use?

lbdddd0502 says:

What is the ratio corn to panko?

24v Cummins says:

What’s the name of the method feeder you buy Is it FOX


How long would the pack baits last in the fridge/freezer?

Ryan W says:

Good video, Luke.

martin villa says:

Nice video
What’s the name of that black liquid you add on the chicken feed?

TehAldolase says:

Organic Molasses…brother you have more dollars than sense if your doing organic fish bait! =)

SmokyMountainOutdoorsman says:

For the chicken feed and panko pack bait. . .how long would those keep if you make them before a fishing trip. Should I wait until a few days before I go?

josue dominguez says:

Do you think carp like organic tiger nuts and hemp seeds.?

Heidi Boyd says:

the people are trying to make the carp drunk

Mel ParkHeights says:

you need no other video than this when it comes carp bait.this is the hand down the best video on the earth

Михаил рымарь says:


xide13 says:

Where do you get your korda goo from?

Andre Walkony says:

Do you have any recipes or methods to make pellets ?

BKKgrind says:

FYI: Dry bread flakes are what we use (the ones they sell for deep frying) 9:01

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