8 best catfish baits – Catch catfish – Blue, flathead and channel catfish

These are the 8 best catfish bait. Catch blue catfish, catch flathead catfish, catch channel catfish. If you want to catch catfish, it is important to understand which catfish bait to use, when to use each type of catfish bait, and how to use that bait.

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Ben Grooms says:

I just use a treble hook for chicken liver

Ken Rowe says:

This is a very well thought out and informative video. Thank you for your time putting it together., Now for the questions:

Spiny bait fish-
I have had some luck using blue gills for cut bait, but not enough to say it works well. Researching different fish habits and diets, it appears that fish that are bony and spiny don’t make a great bait fish because the fish that eats them has to use a lot of energy to properly digest them. If it takes a lot of energy to eat something, and you’re not getting a lot out of it then why eat it?

Here is your lake-
It’s 1000 acres. It is 20 foot deep 15 yards from shore with mostly a bowl shape topography. there is some heavy sediment areas, some heavy sand areas and not a lot of rip rap. Some limited structure only. The banks have fairly good vegetation but none that actually enters the water- I.E. no tree roots or Lilly pads. A common mid to western lake. Not many trees in the water but tons of weeds and algae. July water temps are around 70-to 78 throughout the day. Heavy pressure, but still fishable.
So here is my question-
In your experience, what do you suppose a channel cat would eat first:
a blue gill cut-bait,
a mouse or similarly sized mammal
or a stink bait?

Thanks for your input and video!

zog noty says:

try pig liver

scrublord mcshitt says:

What knife is that in the thumbnail?

Tiny Rolo says:

I caught 100 pound catfish like so you can see

PetBull52 says:

Any one know where I could get some boilies in Texas or online but not from the UK?

Gamer8634 says:

My dad takes chicken skins and let’s them sit out for 2 days and then fishes and catches them like crazy

Elias Bartos says:

Put sardines and chicken liver in a bait bag i hear it does wonders.

Mikel B Hardin says:

ain’t rooster liver the same as chicken liver??

Myakka Outdoors says:

What about chicken gizzards

Zach Myers says:

I have a creek on the back of the property where I catch chubs and if they sit in a 5 gallon bucket in the sun they start to smell and I’ve had pretty good luck using them like that. Great video

Trevor Jones says:

How can you catch sacaita’s

Kaine Byers says:

Luke have you ever used the ivory brand bar of soap ?? I’ve heard a lot of ppl say it suppose to work good for cat fishing but never talked to any one that has actually used it

Tyler K says:

i know the a spot that you could try. if your up to it. this is my new channel by the way so can some people subscribe


Would it be stupid if i used a bait caster for catfishing

Bass And Cats says:

What is the best catfish bait for summer?

Noe Cortez says:

what do you use to catch buffalo fish?and can they be caught with hook and line?

It's Colinboi says:

I LOVE cat fishing my pb is a 34 pound flat head catfish

OOO DaNnY OOO says:

how do you like your chad ferguson rods ?

OOO DaNnY OOO says:

yeah im about to buy two of them

Brady.y1516 H says:

Shrimp is a great one too

slic535 says:

I find the best way to fish with chicken liver is to leave it out in the sun on a board. It will turn tough as shoe leather on top. I also find if you let it start to stink real bad it seems to work well.

Rob Johnson says:

What works best in the Potomac- Shad, White Perch, or Herring? (Cut or live)

Mason Martin says:

Would those cheap 25¢ goldfish from pet stores work?

The Angry General says:

Cut up fish is the right thing to use to catch catfish. If you use the softer stuff like hot dogs or stink bait the crayfish will eat it up faster before the catfish can get to it.

Jensen Lau says:

do you use a fish finder to catch shad? Or do you only look for ripples or other fish activity?

Wildlife Dippingjr says:

Hey catgish and carp

AM Fishing says:

I caught my first carp with a earth worm it was 8/Lb

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