5 Best Carp Baits – How to catch carp with 5 different baits.

Five best carp baits. How to catch carp with 5 different baits. Here are my five favorite carp baits. Feed corn, Sweet Corn, Boilies, Bread, and Chick peas.

Here are some videos that discuss these baits in more detail.
1) Feed Corn
2) Sweet Corn
3) Boilies
4) Catch Carp with bread
5) Chick peas

For more information about carp baits check out http://catsandcarp.com/carp-fishing-basics/carp-baits/


Colton Laroche says:

Bread would work eventually. After the damn turtles and perch are full. which is NEVER

Mayolo Rmairez says:

what boillie sent or flavor would u recomend the best

Bass Master says:

+Catfish and Carp I was wondering how many oz the bag of bread crumbs that you use have. I have been carp fishing all my life and have never heard of anyone using the recipe you share for the chick pea bait. I am very interested in trying it out for my self.

TheBobbybobber says:

hey Luke I talked to you at the catfish conference will have to hook up some time I enjoy having people out fishing with me

ifish4livin h says:

+catfish and carp what other carp bait will work if you don’t have any of that stuff

Jeremiah Oddo says:

just found channel love it. I don’t fish much because many reasons but hope use some tips make better time I due. just one question I plan fishing for carp. I know eat it, but place I fish I not recommended to eat it
and strongly recommend to remove it eco system since hurting native fish so bad. what can person do with it beside leaving bank for animals to eat.

Ben Lemaster says:

I have a pond in my neighborhood and it is full of carp, I have heard that to many carp are bad for all of the other fish, is this true?

Daniel HARRIS says:

Good imfomation。^‿^。 (#^.^#) (^_-)

jaws gaming says:

I caught a 24 inch carp with sweet corn. how many pounds would it be?

tubee103 says:

I fish a canal near my house using just worms,the bait is never in the water more then a few minutes without a hit…nothing else ive tryed ever works

Dylan Grundy HD says:

What about maggots

Lewis Brooks says:

caught my first ever carp on corn 3.6lb

Tim Cee says:

Hey Luke, which bait would you use right now with it being late winter/early spring? I have never fished for them this early I usually only target them in the summer. I live in the Shenandoah Valley btw.

James289 says:

Must do challenge ok ur challenge is going to be u have to fish with corn for catfish only corn

Adamant League says:

Man, I was bass fishing and saw two carp swimming nearby. I threw my work at them waiting to see what would happen. Obviously, they never bit. My friend told me to use a smaller hook and some bread.

Imad eddine MEKHILEF says:

For me i prefer bread ! it’s simple and not expensive 🙂

Lance McCormick says:

Hey Luke

Was up in CT

Big carp swimming around

Watched your video

Bought some of your recommendations and the fatties!



No Chill says:

Do best carp and catfish baits at Walmart.Also does magic bait work?

James Robinson says:

What is the name of that fishing rack you use???

Scalabrine says:

Which one catches the most fish

Josiah Lucero says:

I use oatmeal to catch carp so if some one likes to try it go in head

Jennifer Lage says:

no cause I fish with corn

TheOsmodius says:

Put anything out there with some Korda goo, and you’re good to go.

J Merritt says:

smashed wheaties and dark beer, no secret.

Miguel Gallegos Silva says:

thanks we just had our park Ken Malloy lake machado park cleaned up alot a d there is carp the biggest I’ve seen a foot I used corn tortillas and worked Imma try corn now and flower tortillas since these don’t break as corn do when bent raw

KnowYourEnemy says:

Buy a big friggin jig and attack a size zero treble as a stinger hook. Go to Pamperin Park in Green Bay and have yourself a barrel of fun “catching” those big ugly scaly bastards. JK Don’t snag, it’s wrong.

William Mills says:

how about oatmeal. with corn mixed with it?

sarath kumar says:

we are using tapioca for fishing

BigBassFishing says:

good vid, very good.

Alex Stewart says:

does anyone know if feed corn is legal in Illinois?

Christian Settles says:

Hey Luke I’ve got a question… I like your video on the cured sweet corn recipe and I was wondering if you would be able to do the same with feed corn? Also, any experience using tiger nuts? Maybe a video on preparation if you have?

John Shoemaker says:

I taught my grandkids how to handle a big fish and not panic by catching large carp, my favorite bait by far is a very very ripe banana ( brown ) mixed with bran flakes and very little bit of water to make a dough. Just like you, they can smell it from 100 feet away I have tried a lot of things corn, boilies, wheaties strawberry pop dough balls the banana bran flakes dough bait works best. Fresh carp chunks make pretty good blue cat bait not as good as shad but good.

Johan Escamilla says:

have u gator gar fish before? if so what do u use ?

Mark S says:

The best bait I have ever used for carp can be found on eBay and it is called CARPINATOR. It stays on the hook very well while it releases its odor into the water. It is yellow color and not messy and I have caught many big carp using this bait.

guloguloguy says:

Perhaps “Brussel Sprouts”, or small/green onions, or pieces of cantelope melon, or canned “hominy”corn, might attract Carp!!! We used to chum with a can of “creamed sweet corn”, and it worked pretty good!!!

CarpQuest says:

Great video Luke !

Jason Simonsen says:

just what i need me and my dad are fishing at at a lake soon

marksman gamer says:


Trickshot Masterz says:

Dude thank u so much the sweet corn worked PERFECTLY and I cought 2 huge carp!

Carmel Fishing says:

which one catches more bass

Colton Laroche says:

There is a massive carp in a very pressured neighborhood pond. I can not get the fish to even look at a bait. extremely spooky also. I’ve tryed everything!!!

Cedar Poplar says:

I’ve heard. I actually tried it; chicken liver, dried up with Borax detergent, in the sun. It does work. I cought a big catfish in a small pond. It broke my line but I was surprised, amazed by the result. . . the one that got away! lol
It was big. a pig! next time I’ll get a thicker line

fireriver 610 says:

I thought worms were good too

BiteReelCatch says:

if you roll up the bread really well it wont fall off! I caught 4 carp today 3 common and 1 mirror on bread! I have a 1 ounce sinker and 2 hooks above, it works well because the hooks don’t often get stuck in the weeds at the bottom.

P.S Great video never thought of using chick peas but i tried it out and caught 2 nice 6 pound carp cheers from Australia!

Peng Song says:

Hi luke, there are huge carps in one of my local urban lake. Not many success from the anglers because it is so weedy in the summer. But the winter time is less weedy. I want to give it a try. try to drop big chum ball by kayak. How long do you think carp will come back to the area where we paddle and chum?

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